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Too Short

The Justice League: New 52 had a slow beginning. In fact, only the last issue really took off and had me psyched for what was to come.

So when I picked up this comic after what felt like an eternity I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed. I was disappointed not because of the art, Jim Lee has continuously proved himself an excellent artist (one of my favourites) and it was not the JL content itself. I enjoyed the story within this issue and I am enjoying this story arc overall.

I was just disappointed in the length.

The Shazam side story, although entertaining, was pushing the main comic back. It focuses on this huge character development of Billy, a character whom I personally do not care for, and has been doing so for months. Now – I have somewhat liked the previous Shazam stories and would like to see it end fittingly but I would like to see it end SOON. That or I want Johns’ to entwine it into the main story/characters which I believe he will do eventually.

Liking Shazam is a personal preference and I am sure many people are enjoying his side story but -- I did not pay to read Shazam, I paid to read The Justice League and if I wanted to read Shazam then I would buy his standalone comic.

I hope I can look back on this review in a few months and kick myself for being impatient in regards to Billy’s side story. I just want more Justice League and less lengthy side-stories.

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