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Things look bad for the Justice League as the villains-turned-benefactors ascend in the public eye, while the most powerful League members are conveniently out of the way!

Captain Marvel throws Superman into the Sun. Giganta tries to finish off Ray Palmer in the hospital, but Jean Loring has brought his shrink technology, and he escapes. Hal Jordan's ring converts him to pure energy and transports him inside the ring itself; he is placed in a simulacrum of Coast City. Martian Manhunter heads to Superman's Fortress of Solitude to rendezvous with the other League members, and Hawkman and Hawkwoman investigate Toyman.

Gorilla Grodd remarks to Brainiac and Luthor that he has no mental sense of Superman, and that the Man of Steel may be dead. Luthor is dubious; Brainiac seems nonplussed by Captain Marvel's inclusion in their calculations. Grodd recommends sending "the dream" to Black Adam. Elsewhere, Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) administers eye treatment to one of many patients waiting to enter one of the new cities. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale comments on television about the villains' benvolence, and the absence of the Justice League.

In disguise, the Joker lines up to enter one of the cities. Superman bursts out of the Sun, freed of the mind worms' control, while Wonder Woman heads to the Batcave. She finds it has been taken over by Poison Ivy. Batman, incapacitated by the mind worms, is freed of the control when Wonder Woman binds him in her Lasso of Truth. Meawhile, Hawkman and Hawkwoman find Toyman's warehouse, are assaulted by his forces, and discover that he is making multiple Brainiac androids. In the Batcave, Grodd takes mental control of Alfred, who threatens Batman and Wonder Woman. At Ferris Air, John Stewart inquires about Hal's whereabouts; no one has any leads. Superman and Captain Marvel arrive at the satellite just as it explodes. They initiate a vain search for the Red Tornado.

Elsewhere, Zatanna joins Will Magnus, who is repairing the Red Tornado; the Metal Men look on anxiously. Red Tornado comes back online and reveals that Aquaman is in Argentina.

Across the ocean, the Flash cannot stop running.

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