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 The New Doctor
 The New Doctor
Star Trek Canon Special Note
Not everything listed in the origin is Canon.  That is because only television shows and movies are considered canon for Star Trek.  This being a comic website there are many things here that are not canon.  So unless it is contradicted in film it should be listed as part of the character biography.   
Dr. Julian Bashir served as the chief medical officer on Deep Space Nine (DS9).  He is human, but as a child he was (illegally) genetically modified. These modifications enhanced his physical and mental abilities beyond normal humans.  He joined Starfleet before this was discovered and graduated second in his class to perhaps hide the fact that he was of his genetically enhanced.  All that didn't matter because he got to choose the position he wanted out on the edge of the Federation at DS9 orbiting Bajor


Deep Space Concept
Deep Space Concept
The character of Bashir was created for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  The intention was diversity.  The Star Trek franchise has always focused as much as possible to have a diverse crew.  The original cast Star Trek cast had characters of different races and nationalities.  The same was done for Star Trek: The Next Generation.  So when it came to Deep Space Nine the franchise wanted a character with some ethnicity but it was never defined.  As a matter of fact there was almost nothing written about his character background at all.
Bashir was originally going to be called Julien Amoros but it was changed just prior to shooting the first episode.  All that was said about the character was that the character was "a human male in his mid-twenties; may have an accent depending on casting."  Bashir was suppose to be a green rookie.  Someone who was not defined.  He was likened to a green tenderfoot who came into town.  The intention was to build the character up as the show went along.  In all seven seasons of the show and in all subsequent work up to date has never clearly defined his nationality.
Due to his growing in the show it was all of a sudden revealed that Juilen was genetically enhanced.  This was just made up for an episode and was never really thought out about as the future of the character.  It also didn't fit with past episodes.  This did however dramatically changed the character.

Character Evolution

Miles and Julian
Miles and Julian
Once Julian arrived on DS9 he seed to offend and or annoy everyone of the officer staff.  He really annoyed Miles O'Brien, he would hit on Jadzia Dax with gusto, and insulted Kira Nerys with his comments of her home planet being a place to need "frontier medicine"  He also had a big ego and would force himself on the others.  As the years went by however he won them over with that same personality and became the guy who was the most fun to be around.  He was known for his games and holosuite programs and getting his friends (the fellow officers) involved.
Of all the people Julian makes friends with is Garak.  Garak is a Cardassian and by far the most suspicious humanoid on the station and in the quadrant.  Many believe he is a spy and Julian is sure of it.  Although, he doesn't trust Garak he has a relationship with him more because Garak approaches him.  Eventually they would share their lunches together and even become friends.
Julian and Ezri
Julian and Ezri
Julian impressed everyone with his medical skills and he had many friends.  Things were going well until it was discovered that he was genetically enhanced and he was almost kick out of Star Fleet.  He was only allowed to stay an the condition that his father admitted to the crime and went to prison.  Julian stayed with Star Fleet and was instrumental to seeing the end of the Dominion war.
During the war however Jadzia fell in love and married Worf.  Something Julian always regretted.  Eventually Jadzia became pregnant and was killed when thanking the profits in a Bajoran Temple.  This was a dark time for everyone on the station and Worf, Martok, Julien, Miles and Quark fought a battle in her honor according to Klingon tradition.  
A part of Jadzia survived however in the symbiont Dax.  Dax merged with a young woman named Ezri becoming Ezri Dax.   Ezri was stationed at S9 and Ezri and Julien soon fell in love.  When the war ended Both stayed on the station after the war.

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