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Next to nothing is known about the woman known as Julia. The only reports of her existence come from Joseph Barnett, the lover of Mary Jane Kelly. He claimed that Kelly had taken to sharing their room at 13 Miller's Court with another prostitute, known to him only as Julia. He claimed that this sleeping arrangement lead to the quarrel that ultimately resulted in him leaving the room and taking lodging in another building. Reports that the two women were engaged in a lesbian relationship is unsubstantiated either way. Unlike others mentioned in the case, this Julia has never been formally identified, and thus no known documentation exists regarding her life. There have been suggestions that Julia was in fact Julia Venturney, a neighbour of Kelly's, but there is no evidence to suggest the women ever shared a room.  
In Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore's From Hell Julia was depicted as Kelly's lesbian lover, and it was suggested that it was she and not Kelly who was murdered by Jack the Ripper, while Kelly herself fled to Ireland. Like so much else, of course, there is no proof for or against this claim, but conventional Ripper knowledge holds that Kelly was the final victim, not Julia. 

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