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Judy Young had nightmares about Evil Ernie killing them, before Mary got the chance to cure him. She warned Mary, and wanted her to drop the case, but she didn't. That night Evil Ernie came back to life and attacked Young house. Judy hold her own and killed few ghouls on her own. Facing death, they all took a survival course, after Evil Ernie's death.

Price's slave.
Price's slave.

Months later at Mary's court hearing, Evil Ernie returned. Witnessing the death of Rick Young within first moments, and his resurrection after that, hardened Judy even more. Soon her path broke from her brother Billy Young, and crossed with Sam Gunhill. Together they fought against the dead, and were local heroes. Learning that Evil Ernie seeks the nuclear arsenal they started to hunt him. Meeting with her sister and brother for a moment, only to witness how Billy is shot. She decides to continue the hunt for Ernie and let Mary take care of Billy. Catching up with Evil Ernie is the bunker just as he released the first nuclear missiles. Chastity asked Judy to shoot her, to distract Evil Ernie. It worked and Evil let both Judy and Sam live. They returned to Mary to check on Billy, and saw him come back to life.

It is unknown what happened to Judy after that, but somehow she was captured by Leonard Price, who used one of his zombie control chips on her. Price used her as a maid. In the final battle, Judy overcome the chip and asked Sam Gunhill to help her. He removed the chip and she regained her senses. They didn't get lot of time to be reunited, soon they were overrun by ghouls. Not wanting to become one of them, Judy and Sam blew themselves up, saying that they loved each other.

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