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Plot Summary

Back in 1985, an alien being called the Overmaster came to Earth with intentions to conquer the planet. He created a set of super-villains to herald his arrival, calling them the Cadre. However, the Overmaster was defeated by the Detroit-era version of the Justice League of America. Now, years later, the Overmaster has returned.
While en route to Earth, the Overmaster sends his powers ahead. The undercurrents of humanity are disrupted by his coming arrival, as sensitives around the planet become unnerved. Cults pop up around the world, causing the three Justice League teams (Justice League America, Justice League International, and the Justice League Task Force) to deal with these cults and madmen. Meanwhile, the Overmaster’s powers trigger the metagenes of various humans, transforming them into his new heralds. Unknown to the Overmaster, however, his powers also trigger the dormant metagene of Will Everett III, the grandson of the Golden Age Amazing-Man. Will inherits his grandfather’s powers, becoming the new Amazing-Man, and he travels to New York City to meet up with the current League.
 Captain Atom's first strike against the Cadre
 Captain Atom's first strike against the Cadre
It is not only the sensitives and the cultists that realize something bad was coming to Earth. Vandal Savage, Desaad, and Despero each individually warn the Justice League of the coming of the Overmaster, giving the League an early warning. Wonder Woman calls all current League members to New York City, including recent trainer Jay Garrick and the visiting Amazing-Man. After an argument, Captain Atom leads a team to investigate. Unfortunately, his team is beaten by the Overmaster’s new heralds: the Cadre. With Booster Gold’s arm cut off, the team retreats.
With the Justice League pulled back, Booster undergoes surgery to cauterize his missing arm. The League falls into disarray, as a team of League reservists fall to the Cadre, and Wonder Woman and Captain Atom fight over the team’s next course of action. The League splits in two: Captain Atom’s team goes on the offensive, while Wonder Woman’s team continues to stand to the U.N.’s dictum of standing down. Wonder Woman’s team is surprised, and pleased, to learn Booster Gold is alive; however, they find out that it is because all births and deaths on Earth have been frozen with the Overmaster’s arrival. The League comes under attack from half of the Overmaster’s Cadre, led by their mind-controlled former teammate Ice. The Cadre destroys the Justice League Embassy in New York City and take Fire hostage, forcing the League on the offensive. This triggers the U.N. to launch the Maxwell Lord-created Leaguebusters: a team designed to take down the League should they go rogue.
Captain Atom’s team goes to aid their reservists when they fall into an ambush by the other half of the Cadre. With the help of Seneca and Osiris, the League defeats their half of the Cadre, only to come under attack from the Leaguebusters. Captain Atom’s team ruthlessly stops the Leaguebusters, burying them alive beneath rubble. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Blue Beetle and a tech team graft a cybernetic arm onto Booster’s body. They are there to witness the Overmaster’s transmission: he has set up a device with will detonate in twenty-four hours, wiping the Earth clean of humanity. Blue Beetle comes up with an idea on how to stop the Overmaster, and he and Booster Gold meet up with both Wonder Woman’s and Captain Atom’s team, who are regrouping for a final assault on Overmaster’s ship on Mount Everest.
 Amazing-Man vs. the Overmaster
 Amazing-Man vs. the Overmaster
The League assaults the Overmaster’s ship in three teams: one led by Captain Atom, one by Metamorpho, and one by Wonder Woman. Facing both the Cadre and the harsh weather, the League succumbs to losses along the way. Eventually, the Cadre is defeated, and a small group (Amazing-Man, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman) is left to face the Cadre’s leader, Ice. Martian Manhunter manages to break Ice from her control, just as Fire is able to free herself from the Cadre’s restraints. The League faces the Overmaster, who kills Ice for her betrayal.
With Ice dead, the League launches itself at the Overmaster. The League tries to stop Overmaster, while Blue Beetle tries to stop the Overmaster’s device, which is primed to destroy humanity. Amazing-Man absorbs Overmaster’s energy, fighting the giant toe-to-toe. Beetle deactivates the device, and the League defeat the Overmaster, but find his base about to explode. The League escapes the explosion, but with births and deaths back to normal, Booster Gold collapses dead. Unknown to Booster and the League, though, Blue Beetle had rigged a cardiac life support system in Booster’s rebuilt armor, which restarts his heart and brings him back to life.
The League receives word that the world’s births and deaths continue on, and they retrieve the body of their fallen teammate Ice to return home. 

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