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Cover: Clint Langley (American Reaper II)

  • Judge Dredd - Meat is Murder (Ian Edgington - Mike Collins)
  • Interview - Inaki Miranda
  • Interview - Rian Hughes
  • The Streets of Dan Francisco (part 3) (Arthur Wyatt - Paul Marshall)
  • American Reaper II (part 6 - final part) (Pat Mills - Clint Langley)
  • American Reaper: Reaper Files - False Flag (Pat Mills - Fay Dalton)
  • Article - Krypton on Camera: screen story of Superman
  • Insurrection III (part 4) (Dan Abnett - Colin Macneil)

Graphic Novel 63 - Black Light (volume two) (cover: Paul Johnson)

  • Black Light - Pandora's Box (reprint from 2000AD progs 1110-1113) (Dan Abnett and Steve White - Steve Yeowell)
  • Roadkill (reprint from 2000AD progs 1208-1211) (Dan Abnett - Richard Elson)
  • Vector 13 - Side Step (reprint from 2000AD prog 1062) (Dan Abnett - Chris Weston)
  • Cover gallery - 2000AD prog 1005 (Paul Johnson) - prog 1010 (John Burns) - prog 1023 (Paul Johnson)

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