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Early Life

    Judder's father was an Imperial Senator from Corulag. As a child he used to love reading stories about the Jedi Knights, and wished his father was as honorable as they were. He used his father's fortune to learn as much about tactics, martial arts, and warfare as he could. When he became of age his father sent him to the Imperial Academy.

     He did not approve of the Empire, but he decided to make the most of the training the Academy offered. Judder was an excellent student at the Academy, and became very familiar with military protocol and tactics. He graduated with honors and his first assignment was as a scout under General Veers.

Judder's Defection

    While on leave on the capital planet of Coruscant, Judder heard one of Princess Leia's speeches to the Council of Galactic Rights. He was
immediately captivated by her beauty and the passion she had for her beliefs. The speech was about the rights of all beings and condemned the Empire for its enslavement of numerous alien species. This was exactly how he felt about the Empire, and convinced him to defect to the Rebel Alliance.

    He was then recruited by a recently defected general, Crix Madine, and participated in the Battle of Hoth as part of Bren Derlin's unit. Judder's plain appearance and superior training earned him a place in the Alliance's SpecOps. Judder was then assigned to the commando team that infiltrated the forest moon of Endor. There he fought in the Battle of Endor alongside Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to destroy the shield generator protecting the second Death Star.

  Immediately following the Alliance's victory at Endor, Judder assisted Han Solo in the capture of the Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser. They managed to make their way onto the bridge and forced the surrender of the Star Destroyer without firing a single shot.

Page's Commandos

    Judder was promoted to lieutenant at the conclusion of the war and refused any further promotions. He was also involved in the First Battle of Ciutric.

    Before the first taking of Coruscant, Judder, Corran Horn, and Rogue Squadron came up with a plan to take the planet Borleias. Judder also took part in the mission to capture that planet from the Empire, which was one of the first steps in capturing the Imperial Capital.

    During the Thrawn campaign, Judder was assigned to the elite commando
unit named the Katarn Commandos. Judder became a key member of the unit, and took command when Kyle Katarn departed. The unit became so well associated with Judder Page that it was called Page's Commandos.

Yuuzhan Vong War

    By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Judder was a captain aboard the
Memory of Ithor under the command of Pash Cracken. During Operation Trinity, the Memory of Ithor was destroyed and all on board, including both Page and Cracken, were believed to be dead. However, the two men managed to board escape pods before the ship exploded. They were then captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and imprisoned on Selvaris. A member of the Ryn Network eventually infiltrated the camp and told the Galactic Alliance the location of the prison. Both Page and Cracken were rescued.

Page was later trapped on Caluula Station with Han Solo, fighting against the Yuuzhan Vong forces. The battle appeared to be lost, but they were aided by a group of Mandalorian warriors led by Boba Fett. With the additional forces, the tide of the battle shifted and Page luckily survived another very close encounter.

    Page returned with the Solos to Mon Calamari in time to prepare for the invasion of Coruscant. During the Second Battle of Coruscant, Page led his commando team into battle. They followed the Jedi across the rooftops and balconies of Yuuzhan'tar towards Shimrra's Citadel.

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