X-Men - all female edition, Jubilee "lead"

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So happy to find out what "the plan" was for her since she left the previous X-Men book. Really want this one to "stick" and go on for a long while with some great development and storylines.

Very little known on Jubilee's status though. Presumably she returns from the polite vampires a new woman? With vampiric powers? Without? With fireworks? Who knows...

Although I was overjoyed by the announcement, comments like this:

If you look at the entire world as a whole, it's the females that really dominate and are the most interesting and cool to look at. When you have a great artist drawing them, they look so amazing and always have.

Really don't start me off on the right foot. I imagine Jubilee, Wonder Woman and Marjorie Liu shaking their heads in disdain at a crude sexist joke Gambit just blurted out...

Oh well...staying positive!

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Hmm. Hopefully this time War Machine won't appear to take over the book for the first 20 issues...

I wouldn't take bets on Wolverine not appearing within the first six though...

(that's six pages, not issues, lol)

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I saw a scan of her using fireworks on CBR. Will try to find it.

Eh, psych. Now that I look at it, Storm doesn't have a mohawk so it must be something old.

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@Target_X: Well that's who I'd use 'em on if I were her.

Maybe it's something related? A flashback, just to annoy us Jubester fans into thinking someone's finally told her it's not Halloween any more?

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I was excited to see Jubilee on a team too. I started reading comics too late to know much about her and I only know of her from the 90s show, but I always wondered what happened to her. I got caught up on comic vines page about her and thought it was odd that they turned her into a vampire, it seemed very different far fetched to be an x-men story, but as i said i didnt read it so maybe it worked well. Either way it would make sense for her to have her mutant powers back now. Having used Wolverines blood to keep her vampiric cravings to a minimum she could maybe be cured now. They could probably write it with a twist saying that her mutant powers and wolverines blood serum somehow worked together to cure her. Who knows.

I was a little skeptical by a quote I read on the recent comic vine news page about the details of the series. It said there would be love, sex and relationships, which obviously isnt bad, but with the quote you posted I hope they dont over sexualize the characters and i hope they dont give off the whole I am woman hear me roar feel i get when i read Captain Marvel. There should just be good story telling in a book that happens to have a female lead and an all female cast.

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I am excited that Jubilee is the core character on this book.

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im not does that mean no jean grey????:-'(

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the whole vampire thing CAN work, just read x-23 her character is really good in those

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

im not does that mean no jean grey????:-'(

The odds of her returning are so ridiculously slim it's not even funny. And her young self is WAY too troubled right now to just abandon her core team

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She is still going to have campire powers according to Wood, but there's still a chance she regains her mutants powers.

Surprised to hear/read that she's the leader. Hopefully Wood is able to write her better than she has been written for the past two decades.

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Jubilee is the leader, what ? What about Storm or Rogue.

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While Storm is the LEADER of this team of characters... Jubilee is the MAIN character. The storylines, if only at first, will revolver around her point of view. They also said that it won't be the 'Jubilee and friends,' book... but that each woman would have good amounts of focus.

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Liu wrote her in X-23, that doesn 't count, it 's cheating :)

Maybe Marvel should give up and just subcontract all Jubilee 's dialogue to Liu regardless of which book she 's appearing in (the same way that Claremont should always write for Cable and Magneto).

Vampire powers and fireworks would be a fun combination, but I still don 't like the implication that Jubes is essentially dead. The Vamp angle also skews how some writers view her and produce her lines (something Liu triumphantly subverted both with how Jubes acted in X-23 and how others reacted to her).

I wouldn 't mind some hybrid characterisation of how Liu wrote her in X-23 and how she acted in New Warriors. The key is always her sense of humour - something that is very hit-and-miss with most people writing her. If she isn 't saying something funny every few lines, even if it 's the more morbid humour of her final adjectiveless X-Men issues, she just isn 't herself. That 's what killed New Warriors for me, she just wasn 't believably herself and I would still be happy if they just retconned "Wondra" as a Skrull all along.

Case in point - if Jubilee doesn 't comment sarcastically regarding the all-female nature of the new team within the first couple of pages of XX issue #1, I 'll be very disappointed. Jubes has always been about calling out the Emperor on his new clothes, if she 's faced by a 50 foot tall blue monster and doesn 't immediately refer to it as "Papa Smurf", the writer has failed to understand who she is. There was a tonne of that in New Warriors, Curse of the Mutants and even W&J. Liu 's been the only one rescuing her from that treatment in the past decade.

Oh well. The same thing happens to Harley Quinn all the time, when Dini isn 't writing her lines. Rogue hasn 't been herself for over a decade now either and the entire Civil War event was a mass character assassination for all involved. I 'll just be thankful Jubes is back and if she says stupid things I 'll just replace that reality with one of my own, lol.

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Brian Wood wrote Jubilee very well in Generation X, so I'd expect more of the same snark here. :) In fact, I'm hoping for Jubilee and Kitty Pryde snark-offs, lol.

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While I'm disappointed she's staying Vampire (in general it seems to correlate directly to writers mutilating the character), I'm still so happy to see her back in a book that I will buy it no matter how awful it may turn out.

Gotta support my girl. Jubilee deserves the face time.

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