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After seeing Principal Avery and his assistant, Judy, kissing each other, Jubilee got out of the student counseling job and is now free again! Happy and content, she tells her friend Meg all about it at the mall. There, they are approached by Shane Shooter, who asks Jubilee to the dance. Jubilee agrees to go with him. Meanwhile, Hope and Brad find themselves in a difficult situation. Standing in an office building, they find themselves surrounded by gangsters, who apparently have a past with Hope. The gangster’s boss wants to get rid of Hope. Hope, feeling betrayed by her former boss, doesn’t want to. A fight comes out of it. Escaping to the parking lot, Hope orders Brad to escape in their car and to leave her behind. Though not agreeing with the command, Brad does as told. Later, Jubilee and Shane arrive at the dance. Hating it, they leave quickly. They go to a local burger tent, where Jubilee and Shane share their pasts with each other. Bored, Shane suggests to go back to Jubilee’s home and hang out there. Jubilee agrees to it and they move. Once there, they sit on the coach and almost kiss each other! However, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Jubilee goes to open it, and is surprised to find… Wolverine!







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