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Jubilee watches the butler, Brad, take care of her still injured Aunt Hope. Jubilee asks her aunt if it’s still okay with her going to the school dance. Jubilee can go and thanks Hope for that. She happily calls up her friend Meg, who hangs up afterwards because she is too busy talking on an Internet chat room, believing she is talking to Carson Daily. The next day, when Jubilee goes back to her counseling duties after class, she finds a rather sad Judy. When Jubilee asks Judy what’s wrong, she explains that her car has been stolen and she is desperate. Since there are no appointments for Jubilee today, she can leave. Jubilee notices a picture of Judy’s car and takes it, promising to see what she can do about it. Jubilee contacts Charlie again, who takes her to the hideout of Shane Shooter and his gang. Jubilee can convince Shooter to help her retrieve the car. Shooter does his best to help out. He takes Jubilee to a car mechanic, who doesn’t know anything about the car but suggests to check out with a guy named Pike. They do, but Dex has set them up and Pike and his guards open fire upon them. Shooter and Jubilee fight back, using their powers and hereby revealing to each other that they are both mutants. They escape from Pike’s place before the cops arrive and go home, with Shooter promising to keep helping Jubilee until the car has been found. When Jubilee goes back home, she sees her Aunt Hope, who has gone out after she got better, but this time has bullet holes in her coat. Jubilee asks what’s up with that, but Hope fakes an explanation. Hope asks Jubilee why she is so late, and Jubilee tells Hope about the car, showing her the picture. When Jubilee goes to bed, Hope makes a few calls. The next day at school, Jubilee finds out that the car is back! Startled, she rushes to Judy’s office and finds Judy and Principal Avery kissing! Judy says that she knows the car is back and believes some punks must have taken it and brought it back after a ride in it or something. Later that night, Hope and Brad put on bullet free vests and leather clothes. They check their guns, and are ready to go out…







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