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This is probably the saddest story I've ever read. It actually hurt a bit to read it. Kieron Gillen may of had some issues wrapping up Uncanny X-Men because of all the editorial demands, but here, he hits the ball out of the park. Unfortunately, in order to do that he had to make me cry bitter tears.

Gillen had spent a hear and a half making Loki into an endearing character. He was funny and tragic at the same time, likable and even relateable, despite being a half-giant Norse god, and managed at the same time to keep to his roots and origins. And this issue takes all of that, and mixes it with every little detail and plot point over the course of 23 issues, tying everything together into a solid, definitive conclusion to his run. The sheer emotion behind each line and action is impossible to ignore, and finally get the perfect climax to what I'll probably look back on as my favorite run of all time.

The art is also fantastic, reverting to it's original look back when the title first came into Gillen's hands, and the little visual cues and gorgeous scenes match up so well with the story. The expressions on the characters faces capture the mood brilliantly, and the water color look gives it a unique feel.

The one bright side to this story is that Gillen will continue to write Loki in Young Avengers. I don't know how that will end up after what happened here, but I feel that despite all the misery Gillen might actually have hinted at a potentially optimistic future for the God, if I picked up on the right hints and was not just reading too much into it in the hope that there is a positive path ahead. It's too late to tell you to pick this issue up, since it follows the events of 23 issues plus cross over titles, but do yourself a favor and grab the trades ASAP. You will not regret it.

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