Dr. Horrible's sing along blog Vs. Once More With feeling

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#1 Posted by Magick (440 posts) - - Show Bio

Which did You like better? Dr. Horrible was defiantly funnier, but I think I liked the music in OMWF better.

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#2 Posted by Slinger (5779 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr. Horrible FTW

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#3 Posted by Queen. (70 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr. Horrible is far better. NPH is awesome & Nathan Fillion is amazingly hot.

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#4 Posted by BuckshotWasHere (19541 posts) - - Show Bio

Once More With Feeling no doubt. The only song I liked from Dr. Horrible was the freeze ray one.

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#5 Posted by Zoom (14751 posts) - - Show Bio

Both win in every way.  Singing combined with fighting vampires, taking over the world and to a lesser extent gang warfare is full of win.


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