Dollhouse Ended Way too soon

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Ok so i watched the latest episodes of Dollhouse and i was a little bored with the episodes this season, but these last two episodes were AMAZING! i was so hooked i couldn't get up from my couch. i dont want to spoil anything because i definately reccomend watching these episodes, but as a quick synopsis of what i liked: They delved deeper into this Senator taking on the Dollhouse storyline and there are so many twists and turns that i really did not see coming. they do some different things with the mind tech and we meet a new Dollhouse and the counterparts to DeWtitt and Topher.  Topher's counterpart is Bennet (Summer Glau) who's character knew Caroline and is as beautiful as she is f**kin crazy.
its funny. its smart. its intense. and it really seems to have a plot now.
one of the major complaints of the show was its lack of plot, and the episodes seemed a little too "engagement of the week-ish" which i can agree with. but these two episodes really turned up the heat.
It is really unfortunate that they cancelled the show before these episodes aired. and i definatly think that the friday night time slot is a damper on viewers. if i hadnt stayed home i woulve missed it. it wouldve been better suited for Tuesday or Wednesday. nothing good seems to be on wednesday.  Thursday has like every single show worth watching (Fringe, Office, Community, Flash Forward, Parks/Rec, 30 Rock, etc). 
i will really mourn the loss of Dollhouse :(
Definitely check these episodes out!

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