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Joshua Turnbull is the descendant of Quentin Turnbull and works for Simon Stagg in order to discover alternative sources of energy. Despite his best efforts, he achieve anything until the Blackest Night. Mr. Stagg managed to get a black ring and with the help of the Ray, took it to further study it as a source of energy. In fact, that ring was the dormant ring that couldn't rise Don Hall.

There was no hope for Joshua
There was no hope for Joshua

Joshua saw the opportunity to restore his family name by exploiting the black ring, but at that moment a horde of Black Lantern Corps invaded the compound seeking the black ring. The Ray tried to stop them, but was overwhelmed by Super-Chief and Scalphunter. Turnbull managed to escape, even betraying some of his colleagues, but at the compound's exit, his family nemesis, Jonah Hex revived as a Black Lantern, was expecting him. Even though Joshua proved that he wouldn't go down so easily, he was not prepared to see Quentin also revived as a Black Lantern. Joshua tried to convince his ancestor to join forces against his common enemy, but Quentin's answer was that some things were thicker than blood, murdering Joshua without delay.

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