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Jonathan Tremont was originally the youngest of three brothers who group up near Bali, during a childhood accident, his two brothers were killed. Tremont looked for years to try and find a way to bring his brothers back and eventually discovered the 3-D Man. Tremont stole the triangle power of 3D-Man, and resurrected his two dead brothers as Lord Templar and Pagan. He founded the cult group known as the Triune Understanding, which had world wide members by the thousands. He sought the "Triple Evil" power, but was stopped by Delroy Garrett and the Avengers. He siphoned energy from the crowds of his believers, during the battle with the Triple Evil, Delroy Garret Jr. Tremont's old super hero known as Triathlon discovered that his leader was more worried about taking control of the world than saving it. Delroy eventually released the power of the 3-D Man and absorbed the powers of the Triple Evil, finall putting it to an end. Tremont was handcuffed but eventually broke free to aid the Avengers in their battle with Kang the Conqueror. Tremont was killed in the final assault and the Triune of Understanding, which tried to rebuild after their leader's true intentions were revealed, eventually disbanded.

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