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When Jonas Keller was a young boy, he had a vision about a man with a scar in his eyes. This man turned out to be Cable, but for Jonas, it was unknown who it was. More troubling for him, he seemed to have the gift of being able to look into the future, but only until the point where he finally meets Cable, the man from his first vision. When Jonas grew up, he became a successful soldier in the United States Army, mostly thanks to his precognitive powers, and he eventually became the youngest Colonel in Army history after witch he was transferred to Special Forces, as a part of which he vanished in the Middle East.

Meeting Cable

Jonas resurfaced year later, back in America. But this time as leader of the white supremacist terrorist group known as W.A.R., which he started not because he was a racist, but simply to prove he could get people willing to die and kill for him under his power. When W.A.R. bombed an Airport, the Army brought in Cable to take Jonas down.

Keller had foreseen this because, as it turned out, he wanted to meet Cable. He arranged for several of his own men to die in a suicide bombing on Cable, which he knew Cable could survive. Cable read the mind of a badly-injured survivor of the bombing to learn Keller's location and confronted him. Keller bragged to Cable about the success his powers had brought him. But he also admitted that he was horrified to find out why he could no longer see into the future after the point that Cable visited him. When Jonas made a swing at him, Cable telepathically removed Jonas' powers. He then left Jonas Keller alone. Feeling more lost then ever, not knowing what was to come for the first time in his life, Jonas Keller shot and killed himself. 
It turned out that Jonas shooting himself made it so that Jonas could not see into the future after his meeting with Cable. 
It was because he no longer had a future.

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