Jonah Hex #49 Review, Pew Pew Pew

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Yee-haw!  Here comes Jonah Hex!  I've been meaning to review a Jonah comic for a few months now.  I'll be honest, I'm not a long time reader of Jonah Hex but I have read a couple issues with him in the past.  I've never been a huge Western fan but with this arc and the confrontation between Jonah and Mr. Turnbull, I decided to start reading.

Hats off to Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray for writing Jonah Hex for the past 49 issues.  In a time when a creative team barely stays on for a six-issue arc, here we have two guys that have been writing this series since it started.  Despite not being crazy about Westerns, I am now determined to start picking up the trade paperbacks from this series.
The Six Gun War was a really good story.  While Jonah Hex often works alone, it's also nice seeing him interacting with some 'friends.'  My only concern with this series is the rotating artistic team but they usually fit the mood nicely.  Cristiano Cucina's art here fit perfectly.  It's a style that isn't too over-the-top and managed to capture each scene as it was intended.
If you've been reading Jonah Hex or are a fan of comics, you'll dig this book.  I am curious what long time readers thought about the conclusion here.  If you're new to Jonah, you could still enjoy this issue despite it being the conclusion of a six part story.  The action and the mood alone is reason enough to pick this book up.  Keep an eye out when this arc is collected.  You should also check out the fiftieth issue coming out on December 2.
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Sounds good.  Love it when you go out of your way to review titles that aren't superhero related, showing the diversity of comics.  I hope readers give it a shot--pun intended.  
I think the movie will be good, looking forward to it.
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pew pew pew

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I recently started buying every two weeks past tps of Jonah Hex due to the movie comming next year. I always wanted to try Jonah Hex and knew that the way my store works they would elevate the prizes of the tps when the movie was going to come and then never put them in their original price for forgetting so thought it was a good moment. I've read 4 tps now, have 2 to go plus the one that is about to be released. So far I love the series which displays that the done in one issue format can still be used. Palmiotti and Gray get and write right Jonah Hex, but perhaps most importantly, they understand and write correctly the old west. It feels like a western in every way.

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I could use a good western right about now!

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This sounds so familiar. I think I've seen the character too. I think I saw Jonah Hex in one of the Batman Animated series. It was some sort of flash back that has Ras Al Ghul in it. If I remember correctly, Jonah Hex was after Ras Al Ghil's brother. He was all old looking and decrepit when Batman confronted in in the present time. He was so messed up, because in the past Hex and him got into some battle back in the old west days.
My favorite Western movie, not counting Blazing Saddles, would have to be McClintock.

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Sounds awesome looking foward to it
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@FoxxFireArt: It was Ra's Al Ghul's son not his brother and Hex is in a faw Batman: Brave and the bold episode's    
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@NightFang: he was on JLU once too, and he was voiced by Adam Baldwin
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@Media_Master said:
"I could use a good western right about now! "

Maybe you're ready to become a Dark Tower junkie...

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