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Some small-town officials hire Hex to resolve a hostage situation at a local hotel, but his solution is far more brutal than everybody was expecting. Will anyone make it out of "The Hyde House Massacre" alive?


Jonah Hex assaults the Hyde House, killing a dozen men in a variety of ways and saving Mr. Hyde's daughter, Kate. The Hyde House is burned down to the ground during the fight. Hex tries to collect his bounty in town, but only gets money for two of the men, because the rest are unidentifiable. Dean Thomas had also hired Hex to bring both of the Hydes home alive. Hex was told he would be paid $2,000. Because Mr. Hyde died, Hex agreed to take only $1,000. The problem is that all the money the family owned was tied up in the hotel that burned to the ground. Thomas asks Kate to see if she can make a deal with Hex.

Hex and Kate Hyde show up at Dean's home and ask him to sign over the deed to the land the hotel stood on to Hex. Once that is done, Kate asks Hex what he plans to do with the land. He replies that the best thing to do is to leave it free and clear and then he rides off into the sunset.







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