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The man known as Jon Farmer originally was Morningstar, the youngest hero of The Throne--a vast army of thousands of heroes from multiple alternate realities. He was the youngest member of the team, and heir to the hereditary ruler of The Throne, a parallel universe version of Jackson King known as King One.

Unfortunately he was the last member of The Throne left alive after their base in the Bleed was attacked by Bram Dusk (a "Living Quantum Virus") and all were massacred save for King One and Morningstar. King One cast him into the Bleed to save him from the fate the rest of The Throne suffered.

What happened after this point, but prior to the formation of The Monarchy, is sketchy at best. It appears he took the form of a preacher on the Wildstorm Earth, under the name Jon Farmer (weather or not this was his real name is uncertain) and eventually appears to have allied himself with a parallel universe version of Henry Bendix and a race of beings known as Weavers. Together they began to search out heroes to join the reformed Throne, now called The Monarchy.

Story Arc

Jon Farmer somehow infiltrates a party held on The Carrier by The Authority looking for new heroes to join the group, but out of that cadre of super-beings the only ones who showed promise were Battalion (Jackson King) and Synergy (Christine Trelane).

Ironically they later tracked him down, and together they began to reform The Throne as the newly forged Monarchy.

Farmer expressed misgivings about King's non-traditional methods (such as bringing fallen hero Union back to life as a soulless killing machine, or making a literal deal with Devils, or demons anyway, to acquire extra "weapons") but he showed no sign of doubting their mission.

Farmer stayed with the team during their fateful fight against the forces of Chimera and the Higher Power. He also helped in the recruitment of another member, a boy named Matt who had powers similar to Synergy allowing him to empower others, but they were unstable. Were it not for Jon Farmer the boy would have died along with countless others when his powers nearly overloaded.

Powers and Abilities

Jon Farmer's powers are somewhat ill-defined, but depicted as quite potent. In his previous guise as Morningstar he was said to possess "superluminal" powers by King One. He generated a crown of energy about his head, and displayed energy blasts, superhuman strength and flight. Later as Jon Farmer his powers increased dramatically. He was able to channel the energies of the exploding Matt into a harmless form, and could generate potent rainbow-hued energy for a variety of effects.

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