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Jolisa Windsor was created by Batman, Incorporated writer, Grant Morrison.  

Major Story Arcs

Batman Inc: School of Night

Jolisa is one of the few girls to befriend Stephanie Brown while she tries to infiltrate St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls. Over the month Stephanie stays there, the two become seemingly very close, but that all comes crashing down, when they're invited to join the "elite" members of the school. What they find is a brainwashing ceremony held by Son of Pyg, with intent of having one of the girls join Leviathan and weeding out the other who had been sending transmissions out from the school. The two are administered mind control drugs, but before Stephanie is given hers, she breaks free, grabbing Jolisa to escape. Turns out that Jolisa had been in on Leviathan's plan the whole time, leaving Stephanie to defeat her and the other assassins, while Batman dealt with the school's assistant Headmistress, Miss Hexley

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