Would you consider him to be a nihilist?

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I personally think so, but I am simply curious as to what your thoughts are.

Sorry for the simplistic question.

Also, would you say that the Joker in The Dark Knight was more of a nihilist than the Joker in his comic book career?

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@Edamame: I'd say both versions are very Nihilistic. Dark Knight captured that very well, and books such as the killing joke really shine light on it.

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I think that's safe to say. For both incarnations of the character, that's a recurring theme.

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Among lots of other things, the Joker of comics is nihilistic, but not a true nihilist (he's more like a Jokerist). The Dark Knight Joker was more into that ideological whatever - trying to prove something instead of following the laughs. LedgeJoker is more like a Gaggy instead of a Joker.

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