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Now that the story had it's conclusion in 'Batman and Robin 16', a lot of questions have been answered. Yet, where some questions had their answer, new one's where created. As a huge Joker fan myself, my biggest new question is; what will happen with the joker? Be warned, from here on there are huge spoilers! 

As seen in the latest part of B and R, the Joker still believe's that the old Batman (Bruce Wayne) is dead. He sees no fun in playing with the new Bats (Dick Grayson) and didn't find a worthy opponent in Thomas Wayne, or whoever he really might be. Thus he concludes that he needs a new show, a fresh start. The Joker want's to fight crime... his style. As amusing as that would be, I don't think it would be that much fun after he killed a few. We already saw a Batman villain turn into one of the good guys before (The Riddler), but that wasn't all that fun after a while either (in my opinion). 
Of course we know that Bruce is back, and it will be a matter of time before the Joker starts noticing that. In fact, maybe he already knows due to the fact that Bruce says the Joker told him he took care of Dr. Hurt himself, meaning the Joker already spoke with his old friend again. 
You could say Joker would stay with his old act, now that he knows the true Bats is back, but you never know with him. He already made up his mind and he could just do it. And the fact that we now know that Bruce will be the Batman of 'Batman Inc.' and he will travel all over the world is important too. The Joker doesn't limit his crimes to Gotham, but he does really like it there. Will he follow his old friend all over the world? 
Then we have the 'Batman Europa' comic's coming soon. Batman and Joker working together... Does this mean he really mend what he said about changing his act? Or is it just an act to help the true Bats because he doesn't wan't to lose him again. 
Share your thought's, because I really don't know what will happen with the J-man but I'm dying to find out.  
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Joker was not fighting crime he was killing The Black Glove members because he had beef with them in RIP and wanted to kill them for using him as a pawn. I am sure Joker is happy things will go back to normal in his life at least.  
With Batman Europa I would not put much of it in canon it is written by Brian Azzarello who tells out of continuity stories mostly and the book is late by six years so I think it might not  fit.

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@johnny spam:  
If you have read Batman and Robin 16, you would see him saying, and i quote: "Starting today, I'm taking the act in a whole new direction. The Joker fights crime! When there's no batman... The gravediggin' clown gets to be the good guy."  

This indicates that now he's done dealing with the black glove, he sees this as his new goal.
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@Tudoh: The he turns around and gets punched in the face by Bruce he knew that Dick was not Bruce and he will know Bruce is back that changes many things. He also said "What could be funnier then that" and smiled sinisterly that could mean he was not serious.
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@johnny spam: That's true, but still. A lot has changed. The batman he knows and loves may be back, but he will not be fighting crime in Gotham as he used to. So it's not possible for the joker to haunt him again. Or he is willing to follow Bruce everywhere he goes. 
So I'm still wondering whether he will still terrorize gotham, in the hopes that Bruce will stop him instead of Dick, or follow Bruce all over the world, or really does begin with a crime-fighting career. 
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Okay one, I haven't read this issue yet I don't get my comics until the weekend (but I read the spoiler lol), two THE JOKER IS NEVER SERIOUS!!  Having the Joker fight crime would be the stupidest idea ever, even more so then Bruce taking a Tony Stark approach with Batman.  He's insane, he lives for chaos, madness and murder just look at his past.  The best example is what he did to Barbara and  Jim Gordon in The Killing Joke.  Even if he did try to "fight crime" he'd probably just kill the criminals he was after which would still make him a criminal and murderer.  Once he realizes his Batman is back he'll find playing with the new Batman fun again, just imagine what that would do to Bruce if Joker killed Dick.  O_O  As for him following his Batman around the world, he'd probably only do that to find out which heroes Batman is training only to kill them all. 

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This is just one part of another long scheme to bring Bats down by the Joker.
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What, What in the butt?!?
The Ace Of Knaves now the aid of Knights 
The Harlequin of Hate now the Harlequin of Heroes 
what is the world coming to when you cant even count on your raving pycopaths
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@Dark Walker: Even though the Joker isnt serious very often it has been established that he can completely change personalities on a whim, which is why he went from serious murderer, to fun loving prankster, to dangerous psychopath. It isn't too far off to think that this may just be the latest turn his psyche takes. I really enjoyed the Joker's appearance in Batman and Robin and I think it would be interesting to see how it turns out. Plus come on, you really think Morrison would drop that little line of dialogue for no reason. Almost everything he writes, he writes with a purpose. 
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Well, to me he's always been a murderer/psychopath the prankster Joker we got for a time was because of comic codes and the such so he had to be toned down.  I ignore that era.  If Morrison turns him into  a  "crime fighter" where he doesn't kill that will really be jumping the shark in terms of the characterization of the Joker, and I might have to stop reading anything that he does with Batman.  It's just not in him to not cause mayhem and murder wherever he goes.  The Joker might be prone to snaps of insanity but rarely ever the other side of the fence.  Even when he does "help out" its for his own agenda, like him being the one to off someone that he doesn't want anyone else to.  Like Tim Drake, Joker made it clear early on (after Robin II The Joker's Wild) that Robin was off limits to anyone but him.  If anyone else tired to do Robin in they'd end up suffering the wrath of the Joker.  If there is one villain in the Batverse that should never cross over to the side of good its the Joker  Plain and simple.  To me at least. :D

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@Dark Walker: I agree that a good Joker would be impossible, but I never said he would become good. I just stated that there is a possibility that he will be fighting the bad guys... for fun. Joker does the things he does not to cause chaos, but for his own fun and the attention of batman. And in his mind having fun is creating chaos, which attracts batman. 
Now that he doesn't seem to enjoy creating chaos anymore, because the batman he knew and loved was gone (but isn't anymore, though he won't be around Gotham that much now), he tries to find new ways of self-entertainment. Killing off other criminals might just be that. 
But don't get me wrong, I would love to see Joker kill some bad-guys for a while, but after that I would like nothing more than just see him making another crazy scheme to destroy the sanity of everyone.
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As I speculated in the "Is Joker Oberon Sexton?" -thread; if he's not a homicidal bastard, he is a crimefighter.

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I could enjoy a few issues of seeing Joker catch and kill some villains...but it'd have to be set up like a big show for it to feel right. Oh who else had to put the book down and laugh like crazy when they saw that Joker killed Dr.Hurt by making him slip on a banana peel?

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@Sydpart2 said:
" I could enjoy a few issues of seeing Joker catch and kill some villains...but it'd have to be set up like a big show for it to feel right. Oh who else had to put the book down and laugh like crazy when they saw that Joker killed Dr.Hurt by making him slip on a banana peel? "
That was indeed hilarious. I also liked the frightened look in hurts eyes when he saw what was waiting for him outside.
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The Joker is very smart little stalker. All it will take is once conversation or brawl between the two for him to know it's the real deal.
Looking forward to the upcoming Lex/Joker crossover. I never get sick of watching those two fight.
In Gotham City Sirens, I will be pissed to no end if Harley ends up with Joker again. He doesn't need henchmen anymore, he doesn't need her, he'd only force her to change like he did, she deffinately doesn't need him, & how could we still respect her if she returns to an abusive one-sided relationship yet again?

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@Sydpart2: Me. Big time. I was celebrating. Still have Joker standing on Hurt's coffin and laughing as my wallpaper.
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@likalaruku: Did the real Joker ever show up in Gotham City Sirens?  I heard it was an impostor.
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@johnny spam:
No, Grayson punched Joker.

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