side effects of the jokers begenning

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he fell into sometype of chemical

made him go crazy and change his skin and hair color

the mad hatter from alice in wonderland was crazy because of the hat dyes at the time and made the workers making the hats really sick

would this not happen to the joker

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... I don't understand the question...

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@greenk_warrior: If you are asking did the chemicals affect Joker's sanity, absolutely. The man has a literal altered abnormal brain. not just his thought patterns but the physiological construct of his brain.In "The Last Laugh" story line, they had an EMT scan of Joker's brain up on the screen. His neurologist pointed out there are massive lesions on his cerebral cortex and a massive spacing in the pons of his brain. His exact words "This poor guy never had a shot at sanity." Also, in a story where The Atom went into his brain, he and the doctors commented on how its physically altered and abnormal. The front part of his brain, the part that makes decisions and control impulses, is extremely abnormal.

Is that what you were asking?

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i asking why he never got something like cancer that makes him super sick bodily, everyone already knowsthat his brain is wacked out

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