Off YOUR Mind: Would Joker be a Good Villain in the Marvel Universe?

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He'd probably be a good Daredevil or Punisher villain.

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How would Joker kill Spider-Man? Spider-Man is fast enough to dodge bullets and with his 10 to 25 ton strength levels could crush Joker's entire body with his bare hands. Spidey could kill him with one finger

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I believe Joker could be a great villain in the Marvel universe, he's crazy but smart and would find ways for heroes to be forced not to kill him.

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I couldn't see anyone responding to him the way Batman does. Honestly I think Batman is the only one in either universe that can truly handle him

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Joker would probably just get bored. Since its Marvel, once he killed someone they would just come back in a month anyway.

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I don't think it would work because what makes the Joker a great villain is that he goes up against Batman.

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@sweetesttoaster: HAHAHAHA! Buuuuuuuuuuuuurn. So true though

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Joker? Without Batman? well that's a joke

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I don't think he would be as big a villain in the MU. He would fit in great with street level heroes like Daredevil and punisher but he wouldn't much of anything with big heroes like the avengers. Give him the Carnage symbiote and that would be another thing.

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Hmm? This could be funny since somehow Joker & Deadpool can break the 4th wall (with She Hulk though). This might be a funny twisted plain sick comedy for Deadpool ha ha

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@ravisher said:

joker would be dead

hes lucky batman keeps him alive

my first thought was would ue be left to mainly one character? And who would that be?

First, I thought maybe Captain America, but he doesn't really fit with Cap. Second, maybe Wolverine, but Wolverine would gut him. Maybe Punisher, but they can only bring him back from the dead so many times...

How about as an exclusive Spider-Man villain? I think that could work, but I'm glad he is DC because he makes a much better Batman villain.

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#162 Posted by knighthood (1917 posts) - - Show Bio

He'd be a good guy within a year. Keep him in DC.

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@Telcalipoca said:

the joker can be a great villain, one that would torment who ever captured his fancy. but who in the marvel u would mister J set his eyes on? is there someone whod tickle his fancy? all his random killings,gas bombings, great schemes in one way or the other lead to the bat. the bat inspires jokers greater works without someone to bring out his madness on the greatness of his wouldnt shine. and i dont know if anyone in the marvel u can motivate him to sparkle. spiderman seems like the ideal guy since hes one of marvels only true heroes who wont kill with a strong drive to protect anyone and everyone(no one dies) but with his cracking personna it may clash with the cant have 2 people fighting for the audiance attention(innocent bystanders) via jokes and flashy wardrobe. id see the joker put off by pete.

I thought Spider-Man too. Thor or silver Surfer might spare him too, but they'd also own him pretty fast.

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@turoksonofstone: I think you said a mouthful with those two images. If Joker was in the MarvU, there isn't anything keeping him alive, because in DCU, Batman always seems to intervene because of that somewhat deranged sense of justice that ends up keeping Joker overall health in tack. What is those pages from, if you don't mind?

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I don't think Joker would work as well without Batman to play off of. He'd be an inversion of a character that doesn't exist.

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@stetson12 said:

He would be a very interesting villain for spiderman. he could definitely push spiderman to his limits in morality.wolverine might just kill him, daredevil would be another good hero to have him go up against. i think punisher would kill him too. i think that the two best hero counterparts in the marvel universe would be spider-man and daredevil. Punisher might work, but only in a story line where he doesn't get captured by punisher. if he does its ka-blam for the joker.

The plot of Punisher vs Batman is that Punisher is trying to kill the Joker so that kind of already happened but I think Daredevil is a great idea.

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Not sure how it would be done (whether it would be a versus or a team up)

But I would love to see The Joker and Deadpool in the same comic :)

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@sethysquare said:

One problem with Marvel is that they dont know how to write good villains.

I mean look at every single DC character. They have their arch nemesis and many of the popular heroes got their own rogue gallery.

Which villain does Iron Man have? Captain America? Other than Loki, what does Thor have?

Spiderman is probably the only hero in marvel that successful manage to gather a rogue gallery.

Iron Man has Mandarin...but not much else.

Captain America, though, has Red Skull (although he's dead now) and Baron Zemo, who are two great villains.

And besides Loki, Thor has the Enchantress, Surtur (although he died), Ymir, and Executioner.

Although, I do agree. DC does have a larger roster of great villains. Don't get me wrong, because Marvel does have fantastic villains. I mean, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Galactus, Annihulus, Red Skull, the Masters of Evil, Mephisto, Kang, Ultron, Mr. Sinister, Loki, Kingpin, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, etc. are all phenomenal villains. And I honestly think that the Avengers are stronger villain-wise than say the Justice League. However, I just think DC in general has a more expansive list of worthwhile villains.

Luthor, Joker, Brainiac, Black Adam, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, General Zod, Ra's al Ghul, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Blackfire, Trigon, Prof. Zoom, Krona, Atrocitus, Doomsday, Bane, pretty much the entirety of Batman's rogues gallery really. Not to mention the countless more minor villains that have pulled some real nasty stuff in their careers (Dr. Light, Manchester Black, Anton Arcane, Parasite, Black Manta, Nekron, Black Hand, etc). Plus, with the New 52, DC has enacted a mandate to expand its list of villains and has added several that will probably go down as classic DC villains. For example, the Court of Owls, Mob Rule, The Inquisitor, Terminus, etc. So, yeah. In the category of villains, at least, DC has Marvel beat.

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He would still be a great villain, I agree Batman makes the Joker amazing, but he would still be pretty damn good.

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@PisciumCroix said:

@turoksonofstone: I think you said a mouthful with those two images. If Joker was in the MarvU, there isn't anything keeping him alive, because in DCU, Batman always seems to intervene because of that somewhat deranged sense of justice that ends up keeping Joker overall health in tack. What is those pages from, if you don't mind?

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#171 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio

He'd be great, but Batman is a more reality based hero with a unique Rogue's Gallery. Unless The Joker goes and becomes a villain for Punisher, Daredevil or Moonknight, he isn't going to make it far when there are aliens, mutants and cyborgs ready to kill at a twitch of the nerve.

Then again he won't live at all if he comes across Frank Castle.

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#172 Posted by TDK_1997 (17444 posts) - - Show Bio

Someone like Punisher or Wolverine will kill him.

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#173 Posted by Savage_Hawkman (129 posts) - - Show Bio

I know this is going to offend some fans, but I think the Joker is one of the lamest villains in existence in any universe.

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let's be honest here, the idea of joker as a serious villain is pretty lame & it's the writers who make him great. Otherwise think about it, guy w/no powers, who's crazy somehow time & time again escapes from a prison & runs around in a city who is under the watch of Batman. Batman, a guy if you read the battle forums is practically a living god but this man somehow is Batman's greatest arch nemesis?

If Joker was in the Marvel U, in any of the independent universes, he would be taken care of immediately.

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@ombla2 said:

Joker? Without Batman? well that's a joke

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@TDK_1997 said:

Someone like Punisher or Wolverine will kill him.


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He will be a good villain for characters like Spiderman, Daredevil and the Punisher.

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Joker would be good for Spider-man. The Joker could pose a big threat to him and it would be a big and new adventure for him. On the other hand, I feel that the Joker should just stay true to Batman and DC.

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#179 Posted by The_Soverighn (2116 posts) - - Show Bio


  • Arcade
  • Mr. Sinister
  • Zodiac
  • Loki
  • Green Goblin
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#180 Posted by FanofUltraman (159 posts) - - Show Bio

@turoksonofstone: That's cool! Where is it from?

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#181 Posted by DEADPOOL (2945 posts) - - Show Bio

I wanna see Deadpool vs. Joker so badly!

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I usually just lurk and read the comments but I had to sign up to say something. Everybody keeps commenting on how the Joker will die. Ummmmmm why are there still villians in the Marvel universe that hve been around for decades?
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#183 Posted by SoopDawg (10 posts) - - Show Bio
Because they are just killing MAJOR villians left and right.
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#184 Posted by SoA (6241 posts) - - Show Bio

wasn't arcade a analogue for joker?

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Bullseye is pretty much the Joker of the Marvel Universe: Completely remorseless, deceptively resourceful. The only real difference is that Joker disguises weapons as ordinary objects (bombs that look like toys, what have you), and Bullseye actually uses the ordinary objects as weapons (Pens, peanuts, paperclips. I know I'm describing the awful Daredevil movie, but I haven't read a great deal of Bullseye).

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No, he'd have been killed by, at the very least, Punisher or Moon Knight and would've likely been tone one off villain he was intended to be at DC.

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#187 Posted by JonesDeini (3874 posts) - - Show Bio

@SimonM7 said:

I think Joker only really makes sense as a foil to Batman, specifically. He's the impossible chaos to Batman's constant quest for order. No character in the Marvel universe is a proponent of order to the degree that the Joker would really get under their skin as the complete anti-thesis to everything they pursue, to their every defining characteristic.

The Joker also works best as a visual with Batman. Where many characters have their own "colour" to both their appearance and personality traits, everything about Bruce and Batman is very monochromatic and strict, and Joker provides great contrast to that. It's almost as if, on a petty level, the Joker cramps Batman's style, and what better reason to punch someone in the face?

I mean obviously the Joker would WORK as a Marvel villain, but the question was whether he'd be good. I don't think so. I think his quality as a compelling character is almost entirely predicated on his proximity - philosophically if nothing else - to Batman.

Perfectly said, folk.

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#188 Posted by Praetor_fenix (227 posts) - - Show Bio

It'd be sweet to see him against street levelers and then go back to DC universe 'cause he misses Bats. On a different note, i'd love to see Doom take on DC universe heroes.

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#189 Posted by Floopay (10573 posts) - - Show Bio

Where he maked an excellent contrast to Batman's chatacter, he'd compliment Punisher really well.

Thanks for reading,


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Marvel Universe is boring and full of cliches besides DC Universe, Joker does not deserves  de demoted to MArvel Universe

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#191 Posted by kid Apollo (959 posts) - - Show Bio

the hulk would eat him, no contest

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The heroes of the DC universe have a very strict no kill policy. They believe that all life is precious and nobody has the right to take it. There have been some grey areas in the past but that the over all standpoint. And that is the reason that Joker, Luthor Deathstroke, and Black Manta, continue to breath.

Marvel not so much. Assuming that Joker doesn't gain some sort of meta human powers, then he would die very early into his marvel career. at first joker would pull of some relatively harmless crimes. maybe a body count of 2-3 people. But as soon as he slips into his "Killing Joke/Death in the Family," persona, that's when Joker signs his own death warrant.

There is no hero in Marvel noble enough to leave him alive. Spider-man would kill him the second he cripples Aunt May. The FF would kill him the second he murders everyone in the Baxter building via Joker Gas. There aren't many villains that would work with him either. He's too unpredictable for the likes of Kingpin, Doom and Red Skull. but he may a kindred spirit with the likes of Bullseye, Carnage and Sabertooh.You know... until he murders them for no reason.

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@ravisher: @ravisher said:

joker would be dead

hes lucky batman keeps him alive

This. He wouldn't even be a very good fit with most Marvel heroes except maybe the Punisher. And he would've put 2 in Joker's head long ago

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@WaveMotionCannon said:

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No Caption Provided
THIS. Without the Bat boy scout saving his ass.

Only if Punisher could do that to Jigsaw but for some reason he is still alive do you see what I did there.

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Marvel Characters kill. Ole smiley face would not make it

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jokers batmans problem.nuff said; although a kingpin/joker teamup might be interesting.

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#197 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (7597 posts) - - Show Bio

@WaveMotionCannon said:

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No Caption Provided
THIS. Without the Bat boy scout saving his ass.

Only if Punisher could do that to Jigsaw but for some reason he is still alive do you see what I did there.

I sure did. 80's early 90's Punisher yes. But Im thinking post Marvel Knights, current Punisher puts a bullet in him. DeadPool as well to corner the psychopath market in the MU, I'd love to see him react to another psycho like The Joker.
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Of course the Joker could work in the Marvel Universe. Here’s how.

First, start with a one-shot publication; bookshelf format would be best. Here’s the story.

The Joker decides to play a “joke” on the Marvel Universe. He locates Axel Asher (Access), and forces him to allow him to cross over into the M.U. After gathering some henchmen, establishing a secret base of operations, and stashing a drugged Axel there, DC’s Crown Prince of Crime goes on a talent search…, by getting himself admitted to the local insane asylum.

While there, he encounters Mary Walker, whose “Typhoid Mary” persona falls “in love” with the Joker’s insanity (as the Joker falls head-over-heels for the brutal “Bloody Mary”).

He also enlists Madcap as a lieutenant, being attracted to the indestructible inmate’s philosophy that life has no reason, and his ability to drive people insane with his stare. “The kid has talent, and a great outlook on life, and since I can’t kill him, I might as well take him under my wing!” (Cue maniacal laughter.)

Lastly, the Joker solicits the aid of Dr. Faustus, believing his skills in psychological combat will be useful. “Or, at least a lot of fun!” Faustus’ desire for mastery of men’s minds also leads to an interesting internal power struggle between the two.

Having formed his team, the merry band of psychos busts out, in search of a bigger, better lair. The target: Arcade’s Murderworld.

Not giving up his creation without a fight, Arcade and his team are, nonetheless, outmatched. And, when it comes to competitors, the Joker takes no prisoners.

“Tweaking” the facility to match his own twisted persona, the Joker now has a haunt and a team, and goes about making plans to “introduce” himself to the heroes of the M.U.

I see him adding additional villains to his crew; some that I think would be a good fit would be Mr. Hyde, The Corruptor, Carrion, and Styx, of Styx and Stone. (Spidey villains.)

Notice that none of these are big players, but all potentially VERY deadly and/or powerful. Not to mention creepy. Suddenly, the Joker has come to the Marvel Universe, and formed a new criminal force to be reckoned with. Let the mega-crossover events begin!

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As many others have said, the Joker is a foil for Batman. They are best when facing off against each other, but Batman doesn't need Joker to be a great hero. The same cannot be said of the Joker. Putting the Joker in the the Marvel Universe wouldn't really work, the only exception I could see would be Spider-Man since his tragedy drives him much in the same way it drives Batman. If magically transported to Marvel Universe, the Joker would find himself without his adversary and would either give up his life of chaos or just commit suicide in the end.

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why would he end up dead, whole bunch of DC characters tried to kill him

and its not like Marvel doesn't have serial killers

wouldn't like it tho, his nemesis wouldn't be as good as Bats, Gotham would be NY and that falls on alot of heroes territory and some villains(that would be good to see him jocking for position of the top villain in the city, Kingpin without the structure)

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