My Favorite Joker Exchanges from "Under the Red Hood"

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3.  after Batman reveals that he fantasizes about torturing and killing Joker for everything he's ever done;
Joker: "Awww, you really do think about me.
2.  Joker: Gotta give the kid points! He came all the way Back from the Dead to make this shindig happen. So; who's got a camera? Ooh, ooh, get one of me and the kid, first...then you and me, then the three of us and then one with the crowbar! 
Joker: (aiming a gun at Black Mask) I'm going to need something to wear. And a very big truck.
Black Mask: Sure. Anything else?
Joker: I'll need some guys. (beat) Not these guys, because, well, they're kinda dead.
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@djotaku said:

Joker: I'll need some guys. (beat) Not these guys, because, well, they're kinda dead.
Reminds me of "Bonk?... Oh, right! Dead.  :(" 
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"NO don't spoil it, this is better!  I'm the only one who's gonna get what he wants tonight!  Bin, bang, boom! We all go out together!  Don't you just love a happy ending?!  HAHAHAHA"

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Best part of that movie was Black Mask being angry and explaining the joker why he needed him to get rid of The Red Hood.
To which we see The Joker eating chips and being bored out of his mind, it just shows HOW incredible The Joker is as a villain.

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Red Hood-You be very quiet or the the next one goes through your lap first.
Joker-Party poper, no cake for you.

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nice seeing ya! you been working out? You could use a little sun, then again who am I to talk? HAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHAHAHA

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Good times. I need that movie.

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