Joker is #1 in Comic Vine's Top 100 Supervillain List 2011

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Totally forgot to annouce this earlier...

so we made a sequel the controversal Superhero List 2011, but this time the #1 slot was less controversal! So, although this is old news to most people I thought I would annouce this anyway...

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1. Joker

Batman's arch nemesis. The yang to Batman's yin. Being 70 years old character not much of his origins are known. Only him accidentally falling into a chemical bath is known. Every comic book fan knows what he's done or is supposed to know. While not possessing any powers aside from pain resistance, tainted blood and immunity to his own Joker Venom, he's made one of the biggest impacts in the DC Universe. The two most well known deeds are paralyzing the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon and killing the second Robin, Jason Todd, with a crowbar! He's also the most notable inmate in Arkham Asylum. Has appeared in other media such as the animated series and movies, the Batman live action show and movies.

To see how we got the result and to see the other results:

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well...that went well...

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He deserves it. : )

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Mr J!!!

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Nobody else comes close.

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