Gustaf Skarsgård would make a brilliant Joker

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So, I dunno how many of you follow the show Vikings, but it's worth watching even just to catch Gustaf Skarsgård's performance as Floki. He's a boatbuilder, and an endearingly unpredictable psycho. With an axe. I also think he would play a superb Joker, based on the body language and attitude he embodies in the character of Floki. Having had this thought, I made a quick (and shoddy) photoshop mock-up of what that might look like. I must say, despite the rush and poor quality, I like what I'm seeing. Check it. I'd love to see other mock-ups of this casting done by people with more digital skill than I, and feedback from those who know his acting. Do you think he'd be a good fit for the role? Why, or why not?

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@vitaeleous: Vikings is a fantastic show and Floki is one of the highlights

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