Greatest Joker Artist

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Who's work do you think The Joker looks the best in?

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@Sheep-Kill: Agree.
But I did like how he looked in "Joker"...though I hated how that book was written. He also looked pretty awesome in Hush. That first time you see him above Thomas Elliot's "body" just really creeps me out. Sam Keith does some interesting work on him from time to time too, idk I like it when people do fresh takes on the character from time to time too...
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I have to say I'm really enjoying Frazer Irving’s Joker.  I mean just look at this: 

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@junkmasterzero said:
" I have to say I'm really enjoying Frazer Irving’s Joker.  I mean just look at this: 
i agree with this!
and also!
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I'm not sure if he's actually drawn Joker, but I'm interested in seeing Leonardo Manco's Joker

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Lee Bermejo

Batman vs. The Joker
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Jose-Luis-Garcia Lopez, of course! 
orrr....Jim Aparo.
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While everyone will list off Lee Bermejo, Frazier Irving, Tony Daniels, Alex Ross, etc etc etc all day long...and none of you are necessarily wrong at all for that...I personally love Doug Mahnke's visage of The Joker most.  There is something about the detail in it that makes it almost simplistic.  The line work is incredibly crisp, leaving the viewer to notice the features of Joker's face more than overcompensating any form of sadism and insanity by adding a ton of layer and depth to it.

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Brian Bolland.

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Alex Ross. 

Otherwise, I'd say Bruce Timm 

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I love Irving's Joker in the latest arc.Also i like the way Ross drawns Joker. It reminds me of Jack Nicholson.

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@The Lobster said:
" Lee Bermejo

Batman vs. The Joker
I agree. That's awesome.
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Action Comics 897
And the artist from the killing joke
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Jock's looks like its going to be pretty amazing.
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Alex Ross, I reckon. 

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I like Jim Lee's.

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Brian Bolland has one of the most gorgeous Jokers.. But i would like to go with Carlos D'Anda.

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@junkmasterzero: What is that from?

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@Zomboid: Detective 880.

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Jock's version of Joker as pretty amazing might be a bit of of an understatement.

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@junkmasterzero: I'm sorry, I should've specified... I meant the Frazer Irving one.

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@Zomboid: Its cool, Its the variant to Batman And Robin 1.15.

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Brian Azzarelo

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Personally I have always been partial to Michael Lark's Joker

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Brian Bolland's is pretty iconic

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I wish this thread was entitled "Great Joker Artists" in instead of "Greatest..."

Here's one of my favourites: Sam Kieth

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Bermejo Ross and Bolland. Sorry for no pics.

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Whoa where is this from?

He looks like he belongs to some creepypasta

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Loading Video...

This is my list

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For me Tony S. Daniel is the greatest

but I'd like to add also Brian Bolland of course

The artists who created the Joker in the AA and AC games

And Tim Sale

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@superend: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. The art is very different and amazing in that book.

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