Can the Joker ever be redeemed?

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Can the Joker ever be redeemed?

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On less someone in the batfamily gets a blue lantern ring i doubt it.

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For me, the only way to redeem him would be to make the Killing Joke origin canon, and then somehow have the insane Joker personality removed from his mind (probably via Lazarus Pit). But that would be pretty lame.

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Can he...? I don't think so.

Should he...? I don't think so.

Will he...? I Don't Think So!

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Give him more fiber.

#6 Posted by DeathpooltheT1000 (18642 posts) - - Show Bio

No, that why he is the Joker.

Since pretty much he is chaos, you just cant change him.

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and remove his soul from existence then do what zatanna did to brainwash people but apply to whole DC continuum

problem solved

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Take it from the Plutonian. Sometimes you're just irredeemable.

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