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Johnny Guitar would meet his best friend and partner in crime Doctor Sax at his high school in Clack, Mississippi. The two friends lived in a small town and had aspirations to become music stars. The two started a band and was ready to conquer the world until they got their girlfriends pregnant. Their girls kept nagging them to get a real job and stop being deadbeats. The two would not give up their dreams and put together a new band where they even got paid at some events. However the money was not enough to support their families and the two friends decided to supplement their income by committing thefts and robberies. The rest of their bandmates found out their extracurricular activities when they attempted to boost a safe. A fight ensued and Doc was severly injured by a blowtorch and lost his eyesight. The two would meet Peter Petruski aka the Trapster in the penitentiary and love the stories he told battling heroes like the Fantastic Four and pulling down huge scores. When the two friends got out of prison they decided to become super villains and needed some gadgets. They didn't have the money to get weapons from the Tinkerer so they went to a bush league criminal named the Techmaster. The Techmaster provided Doc with a saxaphone whose music could drive folks crazy and some glasses that allowed him to see shapes while Johnny received a guitar that fired sonic blasts.  Their first criminal outing led to a confrontation with Dazzler who easily defeated the both of them. The two would get out of the joint sometime later and both guys decided to start playing in the big leagues. Both men would try to join various criminal crews including the Sinister Six, Brotherhood of Mutants, the Death Throws and even the Circus of Crime but were ultimately denied. His wife, Revonda and their daughter had enough of Johnny and they left him. Johnny would work as a janitor at a local casino but would gamble his paycheck away when he received it. Doc went on disability but the two friends would get small gigs at weddings or a high school dance from time to time. One day, Johnny would run into Petruski and told him that Norman Osborn was running the Initiative and both men decided to register.  
Both men went through training and were assigned to the Shadow Initiative by the Taskmaster. Their first mission was to take back 42 which was the supermax prison in the Negative Zone that was taken over by an army of aliens led by Blastaar. Johnny overheard Taskmaster and Constrictor talking how sorry the new Shadow Initiative was and this team of reformed criminal rejects were to be used as cannon fodder during their initial assault on 42. Johnny would discuss some of his feelings with Trauma and realized nothing is more important to a child as having a father in their life. Johhny wanted to protect his best friend so he started a fight with him and broke his left hand with a sonic blast. Doc was taken to the infirmary and Johnny received a beating by the Taskmaster. Johnny was still assigned to the 42 mission but his friend remained in the infirmary. Johnny could never tell Doc why he did it but knew it was for the better. Johnny told Doc to give a small diary to his daughter while he left for his first mission. Johnny Guitar and the rest of the Shadow Initiative rushed the super prison once the gates opened and all hell broke lose. Johnny was killed during battle when he was impaled by a piece of metal.
Johnny had a guitar that could fire sonic blasts. These blasts were strong enough to shatter steel or turn a human being to jelly.

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