Will John Stewart now get his own book? (Green Lantern Corps)

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After the events leading of the Green Lantern War I think it is plausible that John will become the main star of the Green Lantern Corps. Would anyone else like to see this or believe that this is a possible future for John?
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Where did you read that spoiler?

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Solicits hint that Kyle is the one to bite the dust/leave the corps

They do point at it too easily though, would DC really spoil such an important plot point so early? I don't think so.

and boy would they get angry fans if it really is Kyle

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Ive read it on various different topics about the GL War on this site...


Lets say its still hypothetical (since technically it is) if Kyle WERE to die...would DC give GLC to John or just write off Emerald Warriors and give it to Guy and keep John as a co-star.
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To be honest, I don't like John that much...He's more like a filler Lantern, put in the League book. Kyle and Guy are really awesome in GLC, but I haven't really been following Emerald Warriors, other than the War.

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i think John is an interesting Lantern who deserves more face time. I think they could really develop his character a lot with him running the GLC show.
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 john stewart is he's my favorite GL.  he does need his own solo book.

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I would love for this to happen.

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I would most definitely like this to happen, but I think that it's more likely that Kyle will stay a blue lantern than die. And he'll probs still star in GLC.

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I see Kyle becoming a Blue Lantern. I could even see him still stick in GLC if that's the case. Without Kyle I don't think John could carry a book but maybe with Kilowog and Arisia as shared headliners.

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As i said in another topic,John Stewart is not popular like Hal or Kyle.Most readers dont relate to him,and that's DC's writers fault.
So,He cant be the main GL because sales will bomb and they know that.
Even though i think he deserves much more face time,i want him to shine and be  the "star" while Kyle and Hal are here.
Giving him prime time when Kyle and Hal are absent will be another proof that he is a backup lantern.

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