Question for fans of Constantine.

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#1 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3976 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been reading the New 52 Constantine book, and it's been pretty good, but I think I'm going to drop it at least until this Blight story is over with. I feel like it's going to cross over too much with the other books (that I don't read), and I'll only be getting part of a story.

To any other fans of Constantine: what are you doing? Do you get this feeling too, or are you going to follow through?

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I'm with you in this. I have the same feeling as you, besides Renato Guedes is not on art anymore.

I'm gonna replace it with any of the new Image books

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#3 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (45338 posts) - - Show Bio

A lot of people seem to be dropping off because of this crossover

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