John Constantine in The Sandman TV Series?

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I hear there are talks of adapting The Sandman for TV (totally behind that 110%), but i wonder if John Constantine will be in the show? Since he was in the third issue (One of my favorite Sandman issues) and i would love to see a true adaptaion of the character, hell he could be spinoff material for that show. What do you guys think?

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I am very interested in the idea of a Sandman TV show. If it was done right it could turn out to be really awesome, and seeing a well-done version of John Constantine would be really great.

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#3 Posted by deactivated-578ee3f81c5e1 (1752 posts) - - Show Bio

sandman sounds cool, but a constantine show would be better. It's whats ging n right now, vampires, witch's all that supernatural and grimm styled stuff. That would be an interesting show, just so long as it isn't geared towards women, then it'll be true blood with a nicotine addiction

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some thinks are better to be left alone.

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