John Carter Trailer 3

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I hope this is good

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I like how it looks so far but I have a problem with the green martians. They are just to skinny to me, 'cause in the dynamite warlord of mars they are huge and ripped and look freakin' awesome, especially tars

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i think it looks good!

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This looks pretty good. Might have to go see it

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It would be even more sweet if Gulliver Jones made an appearance in this. Still, I know for certain I'm going to see this :)

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Please don't suck! Please don't suck! PLEEEEEEAAAASEEEEE!!!!

I expected one hundred years to see this movie happen. Not that abomination the Asylum made in 2009 to run against Avatar...

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This doesn't want to play on the Comic Vine mobile version. At least it wont on my Kindle. I've never had problems with other videos.

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still don't care about this movie

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it's Diseny/Marvel of coures it's going to suck

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@frozenedge: if he is only human how can he jump that high is it because of the gravity|||||||??

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