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 Sandy Tolliver, full of power, has turn mad. Bethany, Nathan and danny try to talk to her but they fail. Sandy hurts Bethany despite her invulnerabilty and has some sex affair with Nathan. Only Danny is spared thanks to his past with Sandy. But when the woman begins to blown up the city, it seems that nothing can stop her.
In Washington, Control comforts Jasmine after her arborting. But Tony comes in the room and hurts him. She has discovered that Control had manipulated Jasmine and all the Next Men for a long time.

The woman fastens his former boss and flies with Jasmine.
Far from there, Amanda Watson and Mark IV have found refuge in a hunter cabin.
In New York, an old couple enters in the former Sandy Tolliver's flat and find the girl, in her old shape, lying in the bed. Then, the girl wakes up and appears near the other Sandy Tolliver who continues to blown up the city. The "old" Sandy talks to his counterpart as she is his bad side. The two girls argues and use their reality manipulation powers on each other. Finally, the "real"

Sandy wins, making his nemesis disparear. Flying over the city, she uses the rest of her energy to rebuild the entire town and bring back most of the world as he is before.
But the effort is far too big and her powers shut down just after she has succeed and she falls violently on the ground.
As the police comes, Danny has only a few time to notes that she is alive (but severely injured) before Nathan, Bethany and him fly.

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