Joe Quesada Talks About After Dark Reign

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Where and When will it end?
Where and When will it end?
I do enjoy a well written "event" in comic books.  I just don't think we need them back to back.  The characters should be allowed to be on their own from time to time.  We should be allowed to not have to read a bunch of tie in comics just to see what our favorite characters are doing.

On Joe Quesada's "MyCup o' Joe," the question came up about when would Dark Reign be over and what major event will happen after that.
“Dark Reign” will take us right about to the end of this year. After that, we’ll be stepping back and kind of taking a breath. We have no immediate events planned after that, at least in the Avengers’ corner of the universe.

You may see a few smaller, “Planet Hulk”-sized events, but nothing quite as sweeping as a Civil War or Secret Invasion for a little while. And those will be happening in other parts of the Marvel U. And speaking of Andy Diggle again, Andy will be playing a very, very large part in onesome of these “Planet Hulk”-sized events. At least one of them.

Sounds good to me.  I can live with 'smaller' events.  I just don't need the huge wallet-siphoning events happening non-stop.  But you never know.  I'm sure if the right idea came along, he could change his mind on this.

What's your opinion?  Are you ready for a break at the end of the year with the huge Marvel events?
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I need a breather from Major Events. Give the characters a chance to regroup from everything.

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I mean thats a lot of events..... I perfer smaller events for a while because my wallet cant take anymore.... I had to stop reading comics because of it!

Individual is the way to go......... For now!

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the smaller version of the planet hulk event is the planet skaar event

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Nobody said:
"I need a breather from Major Events. Give the characters a chance to regroup from everything.
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Yea I definitely need a break, in fact I think I would be enjoying Dark Reign even more if it did not follow so close to the other three big events.

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Totally agree, although I am only reading the New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel... now that I think about it those are way to many titles to collect.. ontop of my Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy addiction. Damn you Marvel... damn you *shakes his fist in the air before opening up his wallet next week to get more comic goodness*

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I'm just reading Dark Avengers and it is not that great, they should put someone like Andy Diggle or Warren Ellis on for a while and see what happens, Avengers is an action-packed title dammit! Fortunately i'm not known for being a mainstream continuity enthusiast. I'd rather spend my money and my time reading Punisher MAX, Icon line comics and Brubaker's Captain America (that doesnt tie-in with Dark Reign, hooray!) Also, Uncanny X-Men with Fraction and Brubaker has proven itself worthy of a buy!

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I'm definitely ready for that break. These events are all great but it so easy to get lost in them too and the realize that you went from buying like 4-6 comics a week to 10-15. Not only that but I'd like to see some general development between characters and what they're going through rather then eveyone going through the Dark Reign and seeing how they all deal with that.

The Blacklight

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Too many too long.

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