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Born and raised in India, Jinx studied sorcery at an East Indian temple alongside four other acolytes. Once she had learned all the secrets it was possible to learn, she used her magic to murder her peers and teacher, ensuring she would be the only one to wield these powers. She was eventually captured and transported to the United States where she could be housed in a prison designed for metahumans.


Jinx was created by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton. She first appeared in The New Teen Titans #37.

Major Story Arcs

The Fearsome Five

Jinx is imprisoned for some time in STAR Labs before being broken out by the Fearsome Five. She joins that group in their villainous activities, coming into conflict mainly with the Teen Titans, but occasionally with other heroes as well. She is eventually captured and imprisoned in Alcatraz alongside Mammoth and Gizmo.

Villainy Inc.

Jinx is invited by Circe to join her team of female super villains, and she joins in battling Wonder Woman. After their defeat at the hands of Wonder Woman, Jinx is recruited by Queen Clea to join Villainy Inc. in conquering Skartaris. They manage to take over the city of Shamballah, but are ultimately defeated. The team dissolves, and Jinx returns to independent villainy.

Five by Five

Jinx is drawn along with the other Fearsome Five members into a plot by Doctor Sivana to short sell LexCorp stock by stealing account details and murdering everybody in LexCorp buildings. She and her other teammates demand they attack a nuclear missile facility, but Doctor Sivana refuses. When pressed, he shoots Gizmo in the head and abandons the rest of the team. Jinx and the others attack the facility anyways, but are stopped by the Outsiders. Jinx manages to escape capture.

Villains United

Jinx and the remaining members of the Fearsome Five join up with the Secret Society of Super Villains. They are sent after Pariah, who they manage to capture.


Jinx is among the villains who attempt to collect the bounty on the Secret Six's heads when they are in possession of the Get Out of Hell Free Card.

Forever Evil

Jinx is invited to join the Crime Syndicate's Secret Society of Super Villains. She does so, and she and other members of the Fearsome Five are sent after the Rogues. She is trapped in a mirror alongside several other villains and shattered.

Alternate Versions

Teen Titans Go!

The completely redesigned and reimagined version of Jinx introduced in the Teen Titans animated series appears in several issues of the comic book adaptation, which depicts her continued journey into heroism.

Powers and Abilities

Jinx is an elemental sorceress of exceptional skill and power. She draws her power from the Earth, and must be in physical contact with it or else her magical abilities are weakened or lost. She is able to wield her magic to a variety of effects. She has demonstrated the capacity to use it for energy blasts, flight, illusion generation and elemental manipulation, amongst many other uses. She has limited precognitive abilities, and a psychic connection with the Earth.

Other Media


Teen Titans

Jinx in Teen Titans
Jinx in Teen Titans

A significantly redesigned version of Jinx appears in several episodes of this television series. Unlike her comic book counterpart, the animated Jinx is depicted as a young American teenager with pink hair and eyes who has probability manipulation powers. During her appearance on the show she makes a gradual transition from villain to hero. She makes her first appearance in "Final Exam." She is voiced by Lauren Tom in most of her appearances, and by Tara Strong for her appearance in "Titans Together."

Teen Titans Go!

Jinx in Teen Titans Go!
Jinx in Teen Titans Go!

The redesigned Jinx appears as a major antagonist in this spinoff from the original series. Unlike her previous animated appearance, she remains a villain. Lauren Tom reprises her role.

DC Super Hero Girls

Super Hero Girls
Super Hero Girls

The redesigned Jinx appears as a background character in several episodes in this series, making her first appearance in "Welcome to Super Hero High." She does not speak in her appearances.

Video Games

Teen Titans

The redesigned Jinx appears as a boss and an unlockable character in this console game. Lauren Tom reprises the role.

Teen Titans

The redesigned Jinx appears as a boss in this Game Boy Advance game.

DC Universe Online

Jinx in DC Universe Online
Jinx in DC Universe Online

The comic book version of Jinx appears as part of the "Sons of Trigon" downloadable content. She is voiced by Claire Hamilton.

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