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For years Jillian worked as an operative in her fathers organization, and helped start the Secret Weapons program. On a mission in Colombia with Bloodshot, Jillian was killed. In an attempt to save her, Bloodshot gave her some of his nanites. The nanites made her sick shortly after, as the infusion of nanites is fatal to normal people.

While trying to save Jillian, Bloodshot found out that Neville Alcott had been a part of a military project "Hope and Glory", which also created Ninjak, giving Jillian's DNA an anomaly. The anomaly made it possible for Bloodshot to create a cure for Jillian's problem. The nanites changed Jillian's physical appearance, making her more muscular, with white skin, red eyes and auburn hair.

Jillian became pregnant with Bloodshot's children, and went to the arctic where she gave birth to twin sons. The children were changed into silicon beings by Proteus, making them look like himself, and died in a fight between Proteus and Bloodshot.

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