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Jentorra is the niece of the late Queen Jarella of the planet K'ai. She is royalty and also the trained apprentice of the Sorcerer Triad. When her planet was attacked by the Psyklop, she used her magic to try to summon the Hulk, who had saved their world before and been in love with her aunt. Unexpectedly, she summoned a different, far more monstrous Hulk - Hiro Kala, the Hulk's son. 
She attempted to stop Hiro Kala's destruction, only to be defeated. He took K'ai with him out of the Microverse, leaving Jentorra floating in space. She was picked up by Arcturus Rann and became part of his Enigma Force, a team to defeat Hiro and return K'ai to the Microverse. 

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