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Jennifer Sparks: Spirit of the 20th Century
Jennifer Sparks: Spirit of the 20th Century

Sparks was born January 1 1900 in England. She lived in a wealthy family and went to an all-girls school in Vienna. Sadly, her family was killed while onboard the Titanic. Her father's business was taken over by his rival. Without any money she had no other place to go except move in with her godfather Albert Einstein. There she met a young Adolf Hitler when he was still a bad painter. She convinced him to leave painting and go into politics. Her powers began to appear around 1913 and in 1919 her body cease to age.

She would soon make contact with the Sliding Albion, an alternate version of Earth in which humans and a race of blue skinned aliens had been blending together since the Renaissance. She married a prince of that world named Lorenzo who wanted to over through his father. However, he was using Jenny's world to help him over take his father because he felt he was too weak. She would go on to have many types of adventures as she journeyed through a number of different dimensions and would later become a Colonel in British Intelligence. She began a relationship with a reporter named Clarence Cornwall. She later moved to America and became a hero and later began to see Dr. Indiana Jones and had a one-night stand with Elijah Snow as well as meet the High.

She later fought against the Nazis threat in WW 2. During one mission she rescued an egg from Nazis that was supposed to grow into a being that would bring a new age of peace. She was captured but was released thanks to her old friend who had her sent to England with the egg. She returned to America and became a Detective, no longer believing in heroes. She was later forced to kill Clarence who tried to destroy an orphanage full of black children and in the forties went back to England. Later she became part of a highly secretive organization called the British Space Group. Meanwhile, the Sliding Albion began a World War. The people began to use chemical warfare on one another, however, the bacteria had been redirected towards our home reality, luckily however as it made its way through the Bleed it was altered and instead became the cause for several humans ending up with superpowers.

When the 1960's arrived Jenny even formed a team of heroes. However tragedy struck when an indestructible member Abel Eternity became intoxicated after trying to prove his masculinity to some biker who had earlier been trying to forcibly intoxicate some innocent bystanders. It was up to Jenny to prove he wasn't so invincible by killing him herself to stop his rampage. This lead to the remaining members going their separate ways and Jenny stay in bed till 1982. Jenny later became a member of another team of heroes made up from the children of the Albion incident, but she left this team as it was revealed that a member named Firesign used his and his team's powers to kidnap children for his deranged wife to build the parts into a perfect child.


Jenny Sparks was created by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney.

Character Evolution

Wildstorm Universe

Jenny Sparks (Wildstorm)
Jenny Sparks (Wildstorm)

Henry Bendix later appeared in her life asking her to join his Stormwatch group but she refused his offer, but after ten years she decided to join with Jack Hawksmoor and Swift (a former lover and possibly the being from the egg). Soon Jenny's former friend the High reappeared and although Bendix tried to hide this from her she discovered his return and his plan to destroy the current laws and society and replace it with a new utopia. However, Bendix seemed to go insane and all of the High's teammates were killed and as he flew at the Skywatch Jenny was forced to activate the complexes forcefield killing him on impact resulting in the death of Bendix at Jenny's hands.

The DC New 52

Jenny was introduced to DC's main universe upon its reboot and the closure of the Wildstorm imprint. As of yet, however, Jenny has only had one minor appearance in Stormwatch #0.

Major Story Arcs

Wildstorm Universe

The Authority

Stormwatch was later broken up when the Xenomorph aliens attacked. However Jenny would go on to forming a new team with her former Stormwatch teammates Swift and Hawksmoor, the successors of the Doctor and Engineer and the former Stormwatch members Apollo and Midnighter. Their mission was to make the world better at all costs. As leader of the Authority Jenny faced the villain Kaizen Gamorra and his genetic soldiers. She also had to fight and defeat the forces of the Sliding Albion again.

The End of 20th Century

The Death of Jenny
The Death of Jenny

Soon the end of the consensus 20th century began to end and with it Jenny. However the alien creature that had originally created Earth had returned and intended to kill all humans who it viewed as parasites on its home. Jenny and her team flew into the creatures brain and she destroyed it and in doing so died at the birth of the 21st century and its new spirit Jenny Quantum.

Jenny in the DCU

Jenny Sparks made her first appearance in the post-Flashpoint DC universe in the pages of Stormwatch #0, when Adam One showed Jenny Quantum the history of all the Century Spirits that had come before her. She was Jenny Quantum's immediate predecessor, and described by Adam as personifying "the anarchic spirit of the twentieth century......she was electric". Her powers appear to be the same as what they were in Wildstorm (electricity manipulation).

Powers and Abilities


Electric Woman
Electric Woman

Jenny Sparks has the ability to control electricity. She can draw electricity from devices and even the human brain and shape it and turn it into a weapon. She can also turn herself into electricity. In this form she can move through electrical devices such as power lines, machines or anything that can hold a current and she has been known to turn into a current and go into the sky and strike as a lightning bolt. However, she cannot generate electricity and must draw it from and external force.


As she is a Century Baby she has a century long lifespan and once she reached a certain age the aging process stopped. Her moods are connected to the world and are a reflection of what is going on in the world (she was depressed during the Great Depression).

Other Versions

Other Media

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