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"When blind love opens its eyes it seldom believes all that it sees."

-- from the teachings of Rahani

On New Bhok, Jemm is seated before a crowd of joyous Red Saturnians, many of whom have come from miles around to see their "savior." Bishop Rahani tells Jemm of a certain white-robed Red Saturnian in the crowd named Balik. This Red Saturnian has broken from the official church of Saturn to from his own religion, and he also has a twin brother named Borah, a brigadier general.

In another location on New Bhok, Brigadier General Borah requests to use a weapon called the Skybrator to defeat the White Saturnians. After revealing the consequences of using such a weapon (the only weapon in the Red Saturnian arsenal able to destroy an entire starfleet--or an entire Saturnian race), Jogarr gives Borah permission to use the Skybrator.

In the bedchamber of Commander Synn and her subjugated lover Farr, it is revealed that for the past three morning Synn has undergone nausea attacks for unknown reasons. Synn quickly recovers and begins her invasion of New Bhok.

Jemm initially fights against the White Saturnian fleet, destroying at least one of their fighter aircraft; but, after he experiences the effects of the sound waves from the Skybrator and thinks of the even more severe torture that the White Saturnians must be experiencing inside their metal ships, Jemm turns his attention to the Skybrator and destroys it using a beam from the gem on his forehead. This blast, as always, leaves Jemm weak, so much so that he blacks out. When he awakes, he is still in a very weak state. He is found by several Red Saturnians who take him away in anger because of his helping the White Saturnians escape. Luther quickly runs to Bishop Rahani and leads him to where the angry Red Saturnians have taken Jemm. Jemm is cocooned, hanging over a pit and ready for a swift execution!







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