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"Stories of gods are for women, children and old men... Because only they have the heart to believe them."

-- from the teachings of Rahani

After arriving on Earth, Jogarr manages to rescue Jemm from the Koolar spaceship by using fire.

Lincoln Mannkin is brought into the police station to identify the corpse of his grandfather. After leaving the police station, Lincoln begins to have thoughts of anger at Gramps for being so stupid. Then, suddenly, he breaks down and finally begins to feel remorse for his own actions. He then realizes that his little brother Luther is missing and begins looking for him.

In the swamps, Bouncer and Luther are attacked by Claudius Tull's air-scooter men. Jemm arrives just in time to save Luther from them. Jogarr (being able to speak English) converses with Luther, telling him that Jemm would not leave Earth without him. So, the three set off together for New Bhok.

Left elsewhere in the swamps after being separated from the chaos caused by the air-scooter men, Bouncer is found by Commander Synn and several other Koolars.







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