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"The wise ruler knows he is nothing without his people. Join with your subjects heart, soul, and mind. Only then may your majesty move mountains!"

-- from the teachings of Rahani

Jemm, Bishop Rahani, and Luther hijack a spaceship in order to leave New Bhok.

On Earth, Crazy Freddie, his gang, Bouncer, and Lincoln Mannkin break into Claudius Tull's base. The group decides to split up as Bouncer goes to confront Tull while Lincoln and the others go to see if Luther is being held in the prison area.

Eventually, Jemm and the others come into view of the battle taking place in space between the White and Red Saturnian fleets. Before Jemm can fly the ship into the battle to help the Red Saturnian forces, the controls of his ship along with the controls of all the ships stop working. Suddenly, Claudius Tull manifests himself in the form of pure energy, saying that he used the Koolar Commander Synn provided him to completely drain her life force, thus giving him the ability to "become a being of pure energy--with the power to control your very starships--as well as the power to communicate telepathically with you." Tull reveals that this form won't last long at the rate he's using the power, so he intends to drain the life force of every living Saturnian. He begins to target numerous White Saturnians in Synn's fleet, draining away their life force.

Back on Earth, rather than finding Luther in the prison area, Lincoln and Crazy Freddie find an unconscious Syrra.

In space, Jemm decides to take action against Tull and dons a spacesuit. As Tull is about to target Commander Synn, her concubine Farr jumps in the way and takes the blast. After asking him why he jumped in the way, Farr reveals to Synn that the reason for her nausea spells is because she has become pregnant with his child. Synn tearfully watches as his body deteriorates as his life force is absorbed by Tull. Meanwhile, Jemm begins to channel the fearful sentiments of the Saturnians in the spaceships around him into his gemstone, and then he releases a powerful blast that severely hurts Tull, but is not quite enough to finish him off. Back on Earth, Bouncer rips off a large chunk of machinery in Tull's laboratory and crushes his physical body with it, thus ultimately finishing off Claudius Tull.

After being awaken from falling unconscious after using his gemstone blast, Jemm discovers that the Koolar that he faced in the sewers on Earth, Kamah, kidnapped Luther during the chaos and has taken him to Earth. Looking to regain her honor, Kamah threatens to kill Luther unless Jemm comes to Earth and accepts her challenge of one-on-one combat.







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