Was jean ever a leader???

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it said so today at comicvine.com: Aside from Scott and Wolverine, the X-Men have had plenty of great leaders over the years. From Nightcrawler and Jean Grey to Magneto, Havok and Storm; these characters have all spent their share of time leading the X-Men.....from why rogue should be the new leader of the x-men

I always thought she took order instead of making them

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE: She took over the school when Scott was merged with Apocalypse and a little after until she died.

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During the Revolution Run and a bit in Grant Morrison's run. Jean has a Master' s degree in Psychology which allows you to teach.

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Jean was headmistress of the school & she also lead a team long ago not a normal x-men team she lead an ad-hoc team which consisted of: herself, frenzy, legion, sunder, & a few others but hey she was scott's wife..... who else u think was helping him with strategies & build tactics

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She did lead a team of off-shoot lesser-known X-Men during Magneto's Eve of Destruction period, but she failed, horribly, so she kinda stopped.

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