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would you consider The White Phoenix of the Crown a mutant?? isn't she just jean that has reached and realized her untapped potential as an omega mutant? i mean it has been said that apart of her second mutation was to be a perfect vessel for the force and her mutant power is to be able to tap into the power of the phoenix like how storm taps into earth's energy to manipulate the weather. this is the reason why i think the merging between her and phoenix force makes sense.. it marked the appex of her mutant evolution because the force has always been a part of her, even when she didn't have access to it, lying dorment until she herself was able to accept and realize her own worth. this also supports the theory about her children inheriting her wondrous powers either by blood or genetic code.. because she was always the phoenix force and the thing that forged this duality is her genetic code between flesh and cosmic force which is also why racheal, cable and even nate inherited omega psionic abilities.. it all makes sense now. i've been researching and there are the small things that hint this.. here's a quote from beast: "jean grey is astonishing. she goes beyond mutation into some other category I don't yet have a name for. Even on the microscopic level. each of her body's cells is a ferment. A separate center of power" and then words from sinister also sparks similar thoughts sinister: "Jean Grey is mutant alpha. I believe this all-powerful mutant, or at least its powers would be passed from generation to generation to ensure the survival of our superior species." now this all pertains to jean and did she not accomplish this with the disinfection of the reality sublime created "burning away the obselete" (which is her role)? soo in saying that, i truly believed that jean was always predestined to be what she is today.. the ultimate mutation in all its glory! from the meek and fragile marvel girl-to the evolving phoenix- to flawed and imperfect inabitions of dark phoenix- to the strong and confident NeW X-MEn jean- to her current status, the White Crown..her very existence and history demonstrates the reason behind the creation of mutants as Eternity said it best in X-Men:Forever that the mankind was created to "take the role as the universe's eventual destroyer and exponentially increasing in evolutionary growth--until humanity becomes eternity"... doesn't jean as a mutant exemplify this down to the "T"?? so her transformation as White Phoenix was always hinted at.. even death tells jean that her unique gift is to be one with the force because of her birthright.. she's mutant alpha.. meaning that ever since her birth, she was essentially and unknowingly a true God amongst men!!

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paragraphs dude 

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Could have just shortened this to "Jean is a God Mode Mary Sue".

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i still think the phoenix force is returning to hope summers for the fact as she may have the last fragment of the phoenix force that it will need to bring jean grey back

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What if Hope is the last Phoenix fragment given itself human/mutant form? I mean, she resembles Jean, she's apparently "omega level", and she channels the powers of others instead of having a distinct power for herself... Makes sense why she developed Phoenix-raptor-eyes as a baby, and the firebird coming back. Maybe the Phoenix can't simply just summon that piece((masquerading as Hope)) back??? I don't know. There's a 99.3% chance that I'm horrifyingly wrong, and have no idea what I'm talking about. :P

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@Cale_Michael: Everything you just said, but maybe that remaining Phoenix shard was manipulated by the Scarlet Witch after M-Day to be Hope. Thus, the recent AvX promo.

Jean/Phoenix is a goddess born of man, yet so much more. She is too awesome a concept to stay dead. I do hate the fact that Rachel has to live in her shadow. Why doesnt her potential match or surpass Jean's? Also, why hasn't Sinister gone after Rachel???

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@BlackArmor said:


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my theory is this.... hope is either A~ the 616 version of rachel summers because as we know there isnt & hasnt been a counterpart for rachel in the mainstream univers & rachel herself stated that all the other rachels across the multiverse are not her. OR B~ that Hope is a new vessel created by jean or the phoenix to become the new avatar of the force so that jean could return to the 616. i now understand Jean's removal because alot of the things that has happened would have been affected by a phoenix force empowered jean (House of M mainly). alot of the storylines have only spun into existence because of the fact that the force was lessened Warsong & endsong were only incorparated so that viewers knew that a storyline would eventually come where the force was one again & at full power & its coming now. Hope to me is the Collective in a human/mutant vessel. all of the mutant energy that had been lost & would no longer exist in new mutants. i also feel that this is why she can control the lights because their power comes from her its filtered out through her.

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omg i get to exited when i read about jean she is my favorite character she is perfect

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