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I curious to know how many people who are fans of Jean and Scott, you know fans of there relationship. Like Grant Morrison as writer and do you like his New X-Men series. Let's not forget Morrison destroy Cyclops and Jean Grey marriage and show not respect 4 it or understanding of it. Then show no respect to Jean Grey character.

How does it make you feel, when a lot fans consider New X-Men as one of the best X-Men titles.

Please share your views.

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Well are you forgetting that it was Scott's first decision to walk away from emma and leave the x-men until jean Saw a horrible future and change it for the better????? Jean didnt want scott to throw his life away and feeling guilty for betraying her. Also to succumb to loneliness and self-doubt. Also we already saw scott grieve for jean when she died after the dark phoenix saga, Do we really need a repeat of that???

Plus yes i would have like it if jean had live but i guess she couldnt become phoenix and stay with the x-men. it would have been too dangerous. I always thought jean was doing phoenix work in the white hot room and isnt she in charge of the other phoenixes in there? Also it would have been better if jean using the phoenix force was cleaning up after avx but i guess marvel wants her to stay dead.

Why bring the o5 in the future? I know it was to make the present a better place for mutants ande humans but that will never happen because then what would the x-men do without it? Teen jean is a bit annoying because everyone would rather have adult jean back.

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I'm a fan of Scott/Jean, and I love Morrison, and New X-Men.

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Scott and Jean are my favorite Marvel couple next to Peter and MJ.

I love Grant Morrison as a writer and visionary (even though I often say New X-Corp and Batman, Inc is the same idea)

New X-Men was a great run. But I did also groan and moan a lot during the Scott/Emma scenes.

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Scott and Jean are my favorite Marvel couple next to Peter and MJ.

I love Grant Morrison as a writer and visionary (even though I often say New X-Corp and Batman, Inc is the same idea)

New X-Men was a great run. But I did also groan and moan a lot during the Scott/Emma scenes.

me too

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Scott/Jean is X-Men

The weirdo Wolverine/Jean shippers can have their thing, but Jean and Scott just have the story, history and contributions you want to see in a comic couple

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IMHO Scott Summers and Jean Grey are the most iconic couple in X-Men history and one of the most iconic couples in Marvel History.

I didn't get interested in X-Men until I was reading X-Factor when it first came out in 1980s.

My favorite X-Men characters were always Scott Summers and Jean Grey, and I always liked them as a couple.

I didn't read the Phoenix Saga comics until 1991. Therefore, I liked Jean Grey long before I first read the Phoenix stories.

I think Jean Grey was cool as Marvel Girl and not just as Phoenix.

I have no problem with how teen Jean is being portrayed in the comics because this a modern version of Jean who learns about her future. Of course, she's different now.

In the 1960s comics , she was like the goody two shoes type who didn't seem to do any wrong. She was being portrayed in the typical female gender roles. They even showed her cooking meals for the X-Men. She even made costumes for them.

She wasn't shown as being passionate and aggressive in the earliest X-Men comics. She definitely did not seem like the fiery redhead tempered type.

Teen Jean Grey found out that the boy that she has been secretly in love with is actually in love with her and she's going to marry him and the marriage is going to end with her premature death. She finds out that she goes power crazy and commits genocide. She finds that dies more than once. That has to be very traumatic.

She got a major overload of the future with things so disturbing that I don't think anybody cannot be changed in a negative way.

Her telling Scott to get the hell away from her and being distant with him is what I totally expected. from her. It seems only natural. She learns that that he grows up to be a man that ends up cheating on her and killing their mentor and being like their enemy,Magneto. She doesn't want that future for herself. She wants a better life.

I think that she's being a typical modern teenage girl but has powers. I don't think she's being a brat nor bitch.

I have read about the psychic affair that Scott had with Emma.

What I got from it was that Scott was traumatized and deeply changed from merging with Apocalypse into one being for over 6 months. I'd understand that Scott would end up dark and edgy after that horrible experience. I would expect him to have some type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Heck...if that happened to Jean, I would think that she would end up going Dark Phoenix and end up killing the whole Earth and its Solar System! Scott turned to Emma for helping deal with the issues. Jean being the Phoenix and the headmistress of The Xavier school seemed to make Scott feel that she was unavailable and remote.

Scott was very vulnerable at the time, and it was easy for Emma to take advantage of Scott in her role as friend/therapist.

With all that in mind, I don't view Scott as a selfish,inconsiderate jerk who just went and cheated on Jean.

I just see him as a deeply troubled and changed man that made wrong choices.

Jean made wrong choices too. She's been attracted to Logan and kissed him. She even wanted to pursue an affair with him, but Logan convinced Jean that it wasn't a good idea and should just work out her marriage with Scott.

She was feeling misunderstood and lonely because of the marriage under a strain due to Scott's changes from his experience with Apocalypse.

I don't view her as a cheating slut.

Considering all that I mentioned, I don't view Scott and Jean as having been wrong for each other as couple that shouldn't have gotten together. They were an extraordinary couple that lived extraordinary lives and had extraordinary experiences which include extraordinary challenges.

I don't think any normal human beings could have gone through all that.

I believe that Scott and Jean can be reunited, and it's definitely something that I would like to see happen.

Heck...Now that Scott has experience with Phoenix , I think that Scott and Jean would be able to relate more to each other.

If Jean does come back, I wouldn't want her to get together with Scott right away.

I believe that she should just concentrate on reintegrating with the people that she knows,find herself, and just be with her friends without any romantic entanglements. She could be in adventures and missions with the other X-Men. She could be a leader and mentor again. During all that, she and Scott could develop a deep friendship and build up the trust before reuniting as a couple.

Whether they end up being a couple again is all up to the writers and people in charge of them.

Everything in the comics is up to the writers and people in charge of them.

What characters do in the comics is what writers make them do.

Of course, not everybody is going to be pleased with anything that is written in the comics. There is always going to be somebody that dislikes stories,characters, and couples that somebody else likes.

I definitely don't see things in black and white.

I believe that there is gray is in everything.

I also believe that everything is relative.

Perceptions are indeed relative.

The evidence is in the diversity of views about everything.

I definitely love X-Men for its diversity.

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