Jean grey in marvel video games.

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O.K marvel's latest video game well have jean grey as a playable character and there are other example,s. I've wrestled with this idea that jean is good enough for video games but when asked if she could or would come back marvel get,s a little uppity. After reading and seeing some of the things said about jean and her fans clinging to the past and with the end of AvX and the fact of hope summers looking a lot like jean and hope's phoenix connection it rubs a little raw. Using jean as a game seller had me a little annoyed.

So am I just being oversensitive or do others feel that this practice is disrespecting to the character and the fan's who whould love to she her back in comics ?

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I see it as a good thing that they are putting her in games esp since I only buy Marvel games with her in it. It also gives me something to do while I wait.

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I know I do as well I,d just hoped that it would be just jean and not the phoenix. It just seemed that during AvX they where doing there best to keep jean and the phoenix history out of the story. Now we get marvel hero's with jean as host to the phoenix.

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what is the new game going to be called???

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yeah they dont care about jean, just the phoenix. would prefer a jean grey based character with psychic and telekinetic powers NOT phoenix force/fire powers

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