Jean Grey: As a telepath and psychic teacher

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If she up to teach to an specific group of student to ascend to a better telepath and telekinesis being that lead them to an omega status, she should teach the following students:

Karma: Powers: Low level telepath, total mind control of any living thing, and deflect any psychic attack.I believe is one of the most interesting character of any x-title. If she could use any training with Jean Grey, she could be at some level of control any person, manipulating their abilities without any fear. She could supass even Professor X if she have the proper training with the best and be even a fearless leader.

Blindfold: Powers: Telepath, psychic with power to see future and past events. I think that Blindfold is a mysterious character that have connection with Destiny. She can detect some undetected being. She was hidden by her mom from her brother (big mystery) why? Something valuable she is. With the proper teaching, she can control her power and untapped some raw psychic powers and be one of the most powerful telepath ever.

Hellion: Powers: Raw telekinesis powers. Hellion had a bad start from being picked by Emma to lose his hands fighting. He need to focus more to be in control of his temper, fury, and power because he is very close to pass to a dark side. If he was taken by Jean to give him advice and motivate him to do what is best for his psych and his power without falling to a path of full destruction.

M: Powers: Telepathy, telekinetic, super strong in every senses and physical feat., genius mind. I believe she is the perfect soldier that always put her on some teams that doesn't have the prestige as the X-Men. She need to step out as an X-Man. With sooooo much potential to be as powerful as any x-man. If she train with Jean, she can evolve her telepathy and telekinesis powers.

Mastermind: Powers: Low level telepath, illusion casting vastly strong. I know she is a villian but everyone need a second change like Magneto had. She is vastly powerful that could evade powerful telepath such as Emma Frost. If she take the proper training, she can clean her family name by doing the good and evolving as the most powerful illusionist/telepath.

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what if she got her own book with those characters only and mentor them? hmmm

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For a fresh start it would be great to teach them because those 5 specific mutants have so much potential to be as equally powerful and intriging as Jean grey and specially the b***h of emma frost.

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Jean does have a masters degree to actually teach so it would fit.

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Great idea to bad marvel well more then likely never do it.

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that idea is a great one, but Karma can't do anything telepathically beyond mind control, all Jean could do is teach her to perfect just that, it hasn't been stated that Karma can go beyond just total mind control...Blindfold im not so sure about from what i understand shes just a precog, M is not telekinetic in the main Marvel universe, shes just a low level telepath, she'd be great in instructing Hellion! good for Lady Mastermind as well i think

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i really love this post, what about cecilia reyes :P

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