I believe that the X-men should unite with the return of Jean

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I believe that Cyclops will lay down his defense and over high head proud with the return of Jean Grey provoking a good effect by uniting the X-Men again as a family. And she will take part of the reunited old friends team that i believe was the best X-Team after the first class. Each member have their ups and downs, but they evolve to unprecedented power level.

Psylocke Storm Magneto Wolverine Rogue Dazzler Longshot Havok(Leader) Jean Grey Gateway

After Jean Grey comeback, she re-form her group of X-Men worthy of her trust and caliber in power. Jean can be their Professor X role. Havok and Storm, field leader. Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine, Longshot, and Magneto, their backup plan warriors. Gateway their teleporter and wise counsel. I believe this could be the ideal X-Men team and Cyclops step back and let other team to take the X-men team to a new road to clean their name and reputation. Headquarter would be at Australia Secret Base and Jean Grey Gifted School.

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Agreed I really hope jean comes back :D

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I have no idea what you're trying to say with your first sentence. Can you clarify?

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Even though I love Jean and hope that she gets back together with Scott I think you're overestimating her influence. Sure it's reasonable that cyke will ease up and the x-men will re-unite but she doesn't have enough influence to make characters like Havok and Longshot to leave x-factor and as far as I know she has never even spoken to Gateway. Most unlikely though is Magneto following her, I mean why would he? the only reason he's with the x-men is because of Scott. If anything the X-men should be a mix of the old blue/gold teams instead. Scott and Storm will always be the greatest leaders of the x-men and Havok isn't in the same league as them.

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@Mercy_: lay down= Cyclops should back off and pass his leadership because i dont believe he has done a great marvelous job as leader of the X-Men. It's time for him to move on and let others to take the leadership of the X-Men.

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@Mercy_: He/She wants jean back lol

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@oviouslyjeangrey: Yeah, I got the gist lol. I was just confused by the wording of the first sentence.

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The ending of A Vs X will be nowhere near as happing for the X-Men

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@FernandoGrey:I really don't see how Cyclops needs to step down ease up a bit yes but he is the best leader they have. Every "bad" decision he has made has been the best of a bad situation. Plus characters like Emma, Namor and Danger aren't gonna have as much respect for her as they do for Scott.

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I'm sorry but I can't see Magneto following Jean Grey. And as said, most of the characters won't have a great deal of respect to her as they would have for Storm or Scott.

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If she did come back I have to agree that she would prob. heal the rift between Cyclops and Wolverine. They were the two driving forces in the conflict and she has history with both. I don't think Cyclops should go back with her though as that would seem like backpeddling.

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A New Team Under Jean, Yes I'd Agree But Some Of The Members No, Not Unless They Revamp Jean's Personality to make her more aggressive. Magneto not at all because even thou it wasnt really him that killed her Xorn killed her while looking like magneto that might not sit well with her as far as having him on her team.

Jean Should come back & Exodus becomes her guardian/follower & the team goes from there

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looks like were at a impasse because I don't believe she should return

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